Four Wheel Walkers

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The 4-wheel walkers are beneficial because they provide full mobility to the elderly and dependents thanks to the maneuverability of its 4 swivel wheels. It is highly recommended for indoor and outdoor use, so it incorporates a seat and basket. It is made of aluminum, light and foldable and offers transport facilities.

The four-wheel walkers facilitate the mobility outside, since it isn't hard to drag and incorporate both basket and seat, which allows rest anywhere. In addition, the market offers a wide range of four-wheel walkers, either with manual brakes or pressure brakes, with wheels adapted to overcome irregular terrain or with different accessories. Their only drawback is that they can be impractical inside the home.

These walkers have brakes, and we can find two different models of brakes, those that are by pressure and those that are with manual brakes.

Pressure brakes: this type is activated when a minimum pressure is exerted, so it needs or represents an effort for the person who is using it.

Manual brakes: this type requires a little more mobility in the hands, they also work separately with a parking type braking system, in this way it will not move and can remain seated without any worries.

The Benefits of 4-wheel walkers:

For people that are overweight. It is possible for people with overweight to use these walkers because they are very resistance, and does the user's weight will not affect its handling and the person can use it with total peace of mind without too much effort.

Provide security. 4-wheel walkers distribute the weight evenly, this makes people feel safer and consequently feel encouraged to go for a walk more frequently and fearless.

Prevent falls. This type of walker has a design that prevents falls. Given the security they provide, fewer falls are recorded than with other walkers. This way they will feel more confidence every time they use it because they know they won't fall.

The walks are natural. Users say they feel like they walk in a more natural way than with other types of walkers. This is fantastic because its exactly what they need, feel natural and not worry too much about a simple walk.

They have a rest seat. One of the advantages that users highlight is the possibility of having a seat to stop and rest when they feel it necessary. In addition, its design allows the walker to be turned backwards to sit without moving, which benefits stability and prevents falls during maneuvering.

Provide ease of walking outdoors. The 4-wheel walkers give greater mobility than other walkers, which makes movement in outdoor areas such as sidewalks, parks or gardens easier.

It is not necessary to lift the walker for the walk. Another advantage is that it isn't necessary to lift it for walking, but simply slips. Not having to lift it prevents back pain and muscle problems. Fatigue will also be significantly reduced because they will have to make just a little effort.

Provide full control through the brakes. The 4-wheel walkers have a brake in each hand that allows full control in each of the movements, even in uneven areas and also some have a parking brake that way if the user want can sit and rest.

The possibility of incorporating accessories. The handling of the walker will require the use of both hands, which prevents leaving a free hand to manipulate other objects at the same time. This type of walkers are the most complete in this regard, since it allows you to incorporate baskets, trays, backrests and to be able to move without having to worry about it.

The walkers are highly recommended supports that give that feeling of safe and will help the user to go short or long distances and also small daily actions. They are the ideal support to counteract the feeling of weakness typical of old age, balance problems, osteoarthritis, fear of falling and suffering fractures.

They are designed to be used both inside and outside the house. The fact that it has 4 wheels allows it to move between doors, corridors, etc. Being a better alternative to conventional walkers and in what may be more important, in offering and providing a better quality of life.

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