SUP3019BLK20 830 Single Panel Knee Immobilizer

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SUP3019BLK20 830 Single Panel Knee Immobilizer Black 20"

The 830 Single Panel Knee Immobilizer is a top-quality medical product designed to provide support and stability to the knee. With its foam padding and adjustable straps, this knee immobilizer is perfect for anyone recovering from knee surgery or experiencing knee pain.


  • Designed to keep the knee immobilized and provide support during the healing process after surgery or injury.

  • Suits both the right and left knee.

  • Can be trimmed to the perfect fit. Malleable and lateral stays help bend to your knee and provide additional relief.


    Breathable foam resists excess moisture and stays comfortable during long-term use.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1pc¬† Single Knee Immobilizer
      • Color(s): Black
      • Size(s): 9‚Äù, 12‚Äù, 16‚Äù, 16‚Äù XL, 18‚Äù, 18‚Äù XL, 20‚Äù, 20‚Äù XL, 24‚Äù, 24‚ÄùXL, 27‚Äù
  • Product Dimensions:
  • Product Weight:¬†
        • 9‚Äù: 0.23kg / 0.51lbs
        • 12‚Äù 0.30kg / 0.66Ibs
        • 16‚Äù: 0.39kg / 0.86Ibs
        • 16‚Äù XL: 0.44kg / 0.97Ibs
        • 18‚Äù: 0.43kg / 0.95Ibs
        • 18‚Äù XL: 0.49kg / 1.08Ibs
        • 20‚Äù: 0.48kg / 1.06Ibs
        • 20‚Äù Xl: 0.55kg / 1.21Ibs
        • 24‚Äù: 0.58kg / 1.28Ibs
        • 24‚ÄùXL: 0.66kg / 1.46Ibs
        • 27‚Äù: 0.67kg / 1.48Ibs
      • Product Material(s): Aluminum 40%, Polyester 30%, PU sponge 25%, Nylon 5%
      • Latex free: Yes
  • Care:¬†
      • Spot clean with a damp cloth. Hang dry.
      • Do NOT machine wash or dry.¬†


  • Fits up to 25‚Ä≥ thigh circumference ¬†
      • Fits right or left knee
      • The breathable foam construction can be trimmed to fit, and malleable medial/lateral stays allow for more customized fit and support.¬†
      • Finger pocket on the end of the velcro strap for easier strap application, customers can put their fingers inside the pocket to lift the velcro up to open.
  • Uses:
      • ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL injuries¬†
      • Tibial plateau fractures¬†
      • Osteochondral repairs¬†
      • Meniscal repairs¬†
      • Patella tendon repairs¬†
      • Condylar fractures¬†
      • HTOs (High Tibial Osteotomy)¬†
      • Acute sprains/strains of the knee