SUP2050BLK Standard Thumb Brace

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SUP2050BLK Standard Thumb Brace Black

  • 60 day guarantee¬†

    Providing optimal support, the Vive thumb splint immobilizes the thumb to relieve pain, inflammation and swelling
    Supporting and stabilizing the thumb in a neutral position, the splint is great for sprains, strains and soft tissue injuries
    Dual aluminum splints immobilize and support the thumb to promote natural healing following injury or surgery.
    Reversible splint features an open palm design for easily completing everyday tasks
    Constructed with a perforated neoprene blend, the Vive thumb splint allows air to freely circulate for all-day comfort
    Secured with two, easy-pull fastener straps, the thumb splint comfortably fits wrist circumferences up to 8.66”


Does the Vive thumb splint work on either hand?

Yes! The Vive thumb splint is reversible for use on the left or right hand as needed.

Is it safe to get the thumb splint wet?

Although occasional wetness from splashing water, rain, etc. will not harm the Vive thumb splint, it is not recommended for water-based activities such as showering or swimming.

Will the Vive thumb splint cover my entire thumb?

The supportive thumb splint wraps around the thumb, leaving only the tip and a small gap at the base exposed for optimal support.

Is the Vive thumb splint latex-free?

Yes! The Vive thumb splint is made with a latex-free neoprene blend.

Will the thumb splint keep my thumb from moving?

Yes, the Vive thumb splint features two rigid aluminum splints to immobilize the thumb to prevent unwanted movement.

Is the thumb brace breathable to keep my hand from sweating?

Yes! The Vive thumb splint is made with a perforated material to allow air to freely circulate keeping the hand and wrist cool and dry.

Can I wear the thumb splint while typing?

Yes! The open palm design of the Vive thumb brace leaves your fingers free to more easily complete everyday tasks, such as typing and moving a mouse.

Is it safe to wear the Vive thumb brace at night?

Yes! The Vive thumb brace can be comfortably worn while you sleep for added support.

Is the Vive thumb splint adjustable?

Yes, the Vive thumb splint features two adjustable straps for a customized fit.

Can I wash my thumb splint?

The Vive thumb splint should be spot cleaned only with a damp cloth and mild detergent.

What are the splints made of?

The thumb splint includes two rigid aluminum splints for stabilizing the thumb.

Will I still be able to move my wrist while wearing the Vive thumb splint?

Yes!, The thumb splint will allow you to move your wrist and fingers for completing most daily tasks.


What's Included:

- Vive Thumb Splint

- 60 day guarantee

Uses: For use in stabilizing and immobilizing the thumb to promote natural healing. For relieving pain and inflammation due to sprains, strains, and soft tissue injuries

Fits wrist circumferences: up to 8.6”

Weight: 2.4 ounces

Materials: Neoprene, nylon, and polyester blend, Foam, Aluminum, Strong fastener material

Care Instructions: Spot clean the thumb splint with a damp cloth and mild detergent, Do not machine wash or dry, Do not bleach

UPC: 810041981196Product Number: SUP2050BLKShipping Weight: 0.25 pounds