SUP2048BLK 627 Lumbar Brace LSO Coretech V2

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SUP2048BLK 627 Lumbar Brace LSO Coretech V2 Black

Providing comfortable support for the L1 through L5 vertebrae, the Coretech 627 Lumbar Brace is ergonomically designed with rigid back panels and anterior supports to stabilize the trunk and promote natural healing following an injury or surgery. The integrated compression pulley system is easy to adjust for a secure fit that remains comfortably in place throughout the day and easily fits each individual user.

The low-profile lumbar brace is ideal for relieving pain and pressure associated with scoliosis, herniated discs, muscle strains, sciatica, and muscle fatigue. Made with a soft, breathable fabric blend, it is also lightly padded for greater comfort during daily, regular activities.


  • Compression Pulley System

Featuring wide pull tabs, the brace utilizes a secure pulley system for customizable compression.

  • Dual Splints

Includes a rigid back panel and anterior supports for exceptional lumbar support and trunk stability. 

  • Adjustable Waist Straps

Easily adjust the fit of the brace with the removable side panels. 

  • Comfort Blend

Lightly padded for greater comfort, the brace is made with a lightweight, breathable fabric blend.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • 1pc back brace 627

  • Color: black

  • Size(s): size adjustable S - 4XL

    • Small 25‚Äù - 32 waist

    • Medium 32‚Äù - 38‚Äù waist

    • Large 38‚Äù - 44‚Äù waist

    • X-large 44‚Äù - 50‚Äù waist

    • XX large 50‚Äù - 56‚Äù waist

    • XXXLarge 56‚Äù - 62‚Äù

    • XXXXLarge: 62‚Äù - 68‚Äù

  • Product Weight: 1.38 lbs

  • Material(s):¬†

    • Nylon oxford cloth - 10%

    • Brush cloth - 10%

    • Foam - 20%

    • ABS plastic - 40%

    • PP Plastic - 20%

  • Latex free¬†

  • Care:

    • spot clean air dry.

    • Do not machine wash or dry


  • Includes 2 supporting splints

  • Easy to grab and pull straps

  • Pulley system compression

    • There is a protective cover that protects the pulley system when using

  • Thick inner plastic splint

  • To change sizing, unhook the straps from the velcro and adjust as needed, each size is marked based on waist size