SUP2037LXL 930 AFO Coretech

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SUP2037LXL 930 AFO Coretech Right Large/XLarge

Stabilizing the foot and ankle, the Coretech 930 AFO brace supports static dorsiflexion at 90° to relieve pain and promote proper foot positioning for easy mobility. The lightweight brace also aids ankle instability and weakness, minimizing the risk of hazardous stumbles and falls.

Designed for easy use, the open-heel design features a trimmable footbed for a customized fit in any shoe style for encouraging consistent, daily wear. The foot drop brace’s upper strap is also easy to adjust and includes an additional padded strap for all-day comfort.


  • Supportive Open Design:
  • Lightweight ankle foot orthosis brace provides static dorsiflexion and lateral support for ankle instability and foot drop caused by a variety of conditions.

  • Fits Most Shoe Styles:
  • Featuring a low, neutral arch and an open heel, the AFO brace easily fits in most athletic, casual, and dress shoes.

  • Cushioned Cuff:
  • Easily adjustable for a secure fit, the leg strap includes a cushioning liner for exceptional comfort.¬†

  • Trim To Fit:
  • The rigid sole plate may be trimmed with standard household scissors for a personalized fit.¬†


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1pc left or right to brace with adjustable straps
      • Color(s): white
  • Size(s):
      • S/M
      • L/XL
    • Product Weight: 0.38lbs
    • Material(s):¬†
      • Polyester
      • Nylon
      • Iron Ring
      • Polypropene plastic
    • Latex free: yes
    • Care: wipe down with a damp cloth, and dry immediately. Keep dry. Do NOT machine wash or dry


    • Adjustable top straps
    • Padding
    • Fits over shoe insoles
    • Provides ankle and joint stability
    • Aid when treating drop foot
    • Assist in preventing stumbling or falling
    • LIghtweight and flexible
    • Open heel design and open lower calf section
    • Rigid but can be trimmed to size