SUP2027BLKRIMP 843 OA Knee Brace Coretech With Imprinting

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SUP2027BLKRIMP 843 OA Knee Brace Coretech With Imprinting Black Right

*This product comes with your logo heat stamped to the middle strap across the front of the boot. Order any quantity. Graphic design work to convert your logo to a stamp is included at no charge. After the order, we will contact you to confirm your design.
Production time 3-5 days. Expected delivery 5-7 days from order.

This knee brace will relieve the pain and improving mobility; the Coretech 843 OA knee brace is able to provide you exceptional support with multiple leverage points for stabilizing weakened knees. With an offloading hinge, the durable brace works to realign your knee joint while relieving pressure on the knee due to osteoarthritis or injury. 

Allowing motion to be limited and controlled, the knee brace is fully adjustable with quick release straps and includes an interior pouch to store the hinge key for ease of use. Designed for greater patient comfort, the OA knee brace is exceptionally lightweight and lightly padded with non slip lining strips for a secure, comfortable fit throughout daily activities.


  • Offloading Knee Support
  • Reducing pressure on the knee, the single hinge brace effectively relieves pain due to osteoarthritis, sports injuries and more.

  • Controlled Movement
  • The OA knee brace includes twelve hinge clips to control the range of motion for optimal support and relief.

  • Quick Release Straps
  • Each adjustable strap is secured with a quick-release buckle for ease of use.

  • Non Slip Padded Lining
  • Lightly padded for greater comfort, the knee brace interior also includes silicone grip lines for a secure, non slip fit.¬†

  • Lightweight Open Construction
  • The OA knee brace is made with a lightweight composite material for strength and durability.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1x OA knee brace (hinged) (LEFT or RIGHT)
        • 1x Allen key
        • 1x screw driver
        • 1x extension and flexion angle adjusters
      • Color: black
      • Size: size adjustable. LEFT or RIGHT (2 variations)
      • Product Dimensions: the length is about 35.5cm¬†
      • Product Weight: 1.11 lbs
      • Material(s):¬†
        • PP plastic
        • Polyester
        • Nylon
        • Iron
        • EVA
        • Aluminum
        • PVC
  • Latex free materials
    • Care: Spot clean padding and wipe down plastic with dry cloth. Do NOT machine wash or dry. Keep dry.¬†
    • Single hinge design
    • Non-slip silicone lines on the padding to reduce slipping during use
    • Push-button clips to secure and release
    • Adjustable Velcro straps (4 of them)
      • These can be cut to size¬†
      • At full length the top straps can fit up to 30‚Äù in circumference and the bottom 2 straps 23‚Äù in circumference. They are long straps that are meant to be cut and adjusted to fit the patient
      • The straps come with alligator or Y-straps which allows them to be cut and adjusted to the size
      • They are all numbered to make it easy to follow the steps in the manual on which straps to secure first.¬†
    • It comes with extension and flexion clips to adjust as needed depending on the patient. At the moment these are plastic but for our reorder we are switching to the metal which are sturdier
      • The clips can be put in by loosening the screws on the main hinge and inserting the clips through the side (current plastic ones)