SUP1067BLK Overnight Wrist Brace

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SUP1067BLK Overnight Wrist Brace Black

Providing stabilizing support and gentle compression therapy throughout the night, the night wrist brace is great for those who suffer from carpal tunnel, arthritis pain, tendonitis, repetitive motion stress and other wrist injuries. The soft, breathable brace features a bendable, removable splint, cushioning beads for superior support and comfort and a strong fastener system for an adjustable fit on either the left or right hand.


  • Comfortable Nighttime Support
    Featuring a removable aluminum splint, cushioning beads and a strong fastening system, the night wrist brace by Vive provides compression support and protection for sore and injured wrists throughout the night. Stabilizing the wrist with a removable aluminum splint, the nighttime brace relieves carpal tunnel, arthritis and tendonitis pain. Also great for stabilizing weak wrists and following cast removal, sprains or overuse. 

  • Reversible Fit
    Universally designed to worn by men or women on the left or right hand. Two strong fastener straps allow the sleeve-style brace to be easily adjusted, accommodating most adult hand and wrist sizes. The brace also includes a stabilizing aluminum splint that is bendable to better conform to the wrist and removable for complete customization.

  • Cushioning Beads
    Filled with soft beads, the wrist brace cushions your palm to comfortably maintain a neutral hand position throughout the night. These beads also provide gentle compression to aid in natural healing and provide additional support for weak or injured wrists.

  • Breathable Blend
    Constructed with a lightweight neoprene blend, the washable brace material is breathable and includes additional ventilation holes to ensure the hand and wrist remains cool and dry all night long. 

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • 1x Night wrist brace

    • 1x 60 day guarantee

  • Color(s):¬†

    • Black

    • Gray

  • Size(s): One Size

    • 11‚Äù circumference top strap

    • 10‚Äù circumference bottom strap

  • Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 23 cm

  • Product Weight: 0.19Ibs (87g)

  • Material(s):

    • 25% Nylon

    • 40% Foam

    • 20% Polyester

    • 15% Aluminum Splint

  • Latex free yes: Yes

  • Care Instructions:

    • Remove the metal splint.

    • Hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent.¬†

    • Air dry completely before use.¬†

  • How To Wear:

    • Insert the removable splint into the brace if desired.¬†

    • Insert left or right hand into wrist brace.

    • Position the thumb through the opening, allowing the splint to rest along the palm of the hand.¬†

    • Adjust the fastening straps and secure in place.¬†


  • Inner aluminum splint with rubber tip so it doesn‚Äôt hurt the skin

about 28.13mm width

about 12cm length

  • thickness about 1.7mm (splint)

  • Breathable holes on the side to provide airflow during sleep

  • Soft cushion

  • Velcro strap closures

  • Improved inner padding to reduce the feel of the aluminum splint

  • The splint is malleable and can be bent to shape

  • Provides support during sleep


  • Will the night wrist brace adjust to fit a small woman‚Äôs hand?

Yes, the wrist brace will fit most adult hands.

  • Will the night wrist brace adjust to fit a large man‚Äôs hand?

Yes, the wrist brace will fit most adult hands.

  • What size is it?

The wrist brace is one size fits all.

  • Does the night wrist brace help with carpal tunnel?

Yes, the wrist brace provides stabilizing support and adjustable compression for relieving carpal tunnel pain.

  • Is the night wrist brace for the left hand or the right hand?

This brace is designed to be used on either hand.

  • Can I wear the brace at night?

Yes, the brace is designed to be comfortably worn while you sleep.

  • Will the night wrist brace make my hand sweat?

Because the brace is made with a lightweight, breathable neoprene, it will keep your hand comfortably dry, all night long.

  • Is the night wrist brace a good choice following carpal tunnel surgery?

Yes, this brace provides stabilizing support and adjustable compression to promote healing following surgery.

  • Does the night wrist brace contain a metal splint in the palm?

The brace does contain a removable aluminum splint in the palm.

  • Does the night wrist brace provide compression?

The adjustable fastening straps provide a customized amount of compression to your wrist.

  • Is the night wrist brace padded?

The integrated cushioning beads provide padding for extra comfort while sleeping.

  • What is the night wrist brace made of?

The brace is fabricated from a neoprene blend.

  • Is it machine washable?

No, it is best to hand wash the brace and air dry. Remember to remove the splint before washing.

  • Does the night wrist brace contain latex?

Yes, the neoprene blend contains latex.

  • Will the night wrist brace keep my wrist from moving?

The brace is designed to stabilize the wrist, limiting movement, however, it does not restrict movement entirely.

  • Can the night wrist brace get wet?

Although occasional wetness from splashing water, rain, etc. will not harm the brace, it is not recommended for water-based activities such as swimming.

  • How do I put the night wrist brace on to fit properly?

It’s easy. Insert your left or right hand into the wrist brace. Slide your thumb into the hole so that the metal splint is on your palm. Adjust the fastening straps and secure in place.

  • What conditions does the night wrist brace help to relieve?

The wrist brace relieves pain, inflammation and swelling caused by arthritis, carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, repetitive stress injury, post-surgery, sprains and strains.

UPC: 810041982063 (Black); 818323021561 (Gray)

Product Number: SUP1067BLK (Black); SUP1067GRY (Gray)

Shipping Weight: 3.5 ounces