SUP1056BLKIMP Abduction Sling With Imprinting

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SUP1056BLKIMP Abduction Sling With Imprinting Black

*This product comes with your logo heat stamped to the middle strap across the front of the boot. Order any quantity. Graphic design work to convert your logo to a stamp is included at no charge. After the order, we will contact you to confirm your design.
Production time 3-5 days. Expected delivery 5-7 days from order.

Fully adjustable, the Vive shoulder sling abduction pillow provides excellent support and immobilization following shoulder dislocations, subluxations, injuries, or surgeries, including rotator cuff repairs. To help stimulate circulation, a removable foam ball is included. The padded shoulder strap and waist strap allow the abduction pillow to be repositioned for maximum support. Fitting waists up to 45”, the latex-free shoulder sling is made with a breathable mesh material with two integrated thumb loops for added comfort.


  • Exceptional Support
  • Supporting arm and shoulder to aid in recovery from shoulder dislocations, subluxations, injuries, or surgeries, including rotator cuff repair.

  • Contoured Cushioning
  • Removable,15-degree abduction pillow is contoured for comfortable wearability.

  • Customized Fit
  • Fully adjustable shoulder and waist straps for a customized fit.

  • Breathable Sling
  • Breathable, non-stretch mesh material for superior comfort.

  • Universal Design
  • A versatile abduction sling can be worn on the left or right arm and includes integrated thumb loops to reduce fatigue.

  • Interior Pockets
  • Two interior pockets allow individuals to conveniently carry small items such as electronic devices, ID cards, and cash


  • What‚Äôs Included:
      • Shoulder sling abduction pillow
      • 60-day guarantee
    • Uses: To support and immobilize the arm and shoulder following surgery, injury, or dislocation
    • Dimensions: 16.5" (l) x 7.5" (w) x 6.5" (h)
    • Materials:
      • Outer sling: nylon/spandex blend.¬†
      • Interior sling: nylon.
      • Padding: dense foam
    • Care Instructions:¬†
      • Hand wash sling and removable pillow cover only in cold water.
      • Air dry. Do not machine wash or dry


  • Can the pillow be removed from the shoulder sling abduction pillow?
  • Yes, the pillow is removable, allowing the sling to be used as a stand-alone device.

  • Is there any metal in or on the shoulder sling abduction pillow?
  • No, the shoulder sling is free of metal.

  • Will the Vive shoulder sling work for a 5‚Äô 2‚Äù person?
  • Yes, it is fully adjustable from 5‚Äô 2‚Äù and up, with a waist circumference of up to 45‚Äù.

  • Can I wash the shoulder sling abduction pillow?
  • The sling and removable pillow cover are washable. The dense foam pillow insert is not washable.

  • Is the shoulder sling abduction pillow commonly used after rotator cuff surgery?
  • Yes, the sling provides a comfortable 15 degrees of abduction perfect for post-surgery use.

  • How long is the arm sling?
  • The sling is 16.5‚Äù in length.

  • How do I put the shoulder abduction sling on?
  • Slide the affected forearm into the sling, then attach the quick-release strap. Adjust the length of the strap until the arm feels comfortable and supported. Attach the closure strap to secure the elbow in place. Position the abduction pillow beneath the arm sling and secure it with the adjustable waist strap.

  • Will this work on either shoulder?
  • Yes! The shoulder abduction pillow can be used on the left or right side.

  • Is this abduction pillow latex-free?
  • Yes, the shoulder abduction pillow and sling are latex-free.

  • Does this sling come with a therapy ball?
  • Yes! It includes a 3‚Äù foam therapy ball that is removable.

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