SUP1016L Wrist Sleeves

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SUP1016L Wrist Sleeves Gray Large

Soothing aching forearms and wrists, the Vive wrist supports provide gentle compression and support to increase circulation and reduce pain, stiffness and inflammation in the wrists. A great support for carpal tunnel, arthritis, repetitive motion injury, sprains or strains, the flexible wrist sleeves are suitable for use during any activity. The wrist supports are made with a soft, breathable nylon material to ensure the support sleeves remain comfortable and dry throughout the day.


  • Gentle Pain Relieving Support
    Providing soothing support and compression therapy, the Vive wrist supports reduce pain and inflammation in the forearms and wrists.  Great for carpal tunnel, tendonitis, sprains and strains, the pair of nonslip wrist supports is suitable for use throughout the day or night for comfortable wrist pain relief. 

  • Soothing Compression Therapy
    Flexible for use during any activity, the compression wristbands supply mild compression to increase circulation and promote healing warmth, relaxing the muscles and soothing aching wrists. The comfortable compression wristbands are perfect for relieving arthritis pain, as well as pain caused by repetitive motion injuries and overuse.

  • Exceptionally Soft Knit Material
    Constructed with a soft nylon, the knit wrist supports are temperature regulating, retaining therapeutic warmth when you are cold and releasing excess heat when you are not, so your wrists stay cool and dry. Tagless, the soft sweatbands are also non-irritating to the skin for a comfortable fit throughout the day. 

  • Machine Washable
    The soft nylon wrist supports are exceptionally durable to withstand frequent machine washing without pilling or fraying.

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • 1x Two knit wrist bands

    • 1x 60 day guarantee

  • Materials: Nylon knit

  • Size:

    • Small circumference range: up to 6‚Äù

    • Medium circumference range: 6‚Äù to 6.75‚Äù

    • Large circumference range: 6.75‚Äù and up

  • Care Instructions:

    • Machine wash on cold with a mild detergent

    • Air dry¬†

    • Do not bleach


  • Will the bamboo wrist support slide or roll down much during use?

No, not if the wrist support is the correct size. Be sure to check our our sizing chart above to see which size will fit you best. If you acquire the proper size, the wristband will stay in its place, even if you’re sweating.

  • Will the bamboo wrist support offer too much compression that will hinder me during my favorite activities?

The bamboo-charcoal blend fabric is flexible and will provide support that still allows for a full range of motion and flexibility.

  • Can I work with the bamboo wrist support?

Yes, the bamboo-charcoal fabrics is flexible and will provide support that still allows for a full range of motion and flexibility.

  • How do I determine my size for the bamboo wrist support?

Just measure the circumference of your wrist and refer to the sizing chart above.

  • Will the bamboo wrist support fit by 8‚Äù wrist?

Yes, the small support fits wrist circumferences between 5” to 6.5” and the large support fits wrists between 6.5” and 8”.

  • Will the bamboo wrist support irritate the skin on my wrist?

No, the bamboo blend fabric is very soft and will not irritate your skin.

  • Do I receive one or two wrist supports with my order?

You will receive two wrist supports.

  • Is the bamboo wrist support comfortable enough to wear at night?

Yes, the compression is gentle enough to wear while you sleep.

  • How should I wash the bamboo wrist supports?

You can machine wash the supports in cold water and air dry.

  • Will the bamboo wrist supports stand up to repeated washing?

Yes, the fabric is durable enough to withstand extensive wear and washings.

  • How does the bamboo wrist support work?

The wrist support provides gentle compression and stabilization to your wrist, reducing pain and inflammation.

  • Will my wrist sweat with the bamboo wrist support?

No, the charcoal blend fabric is temperature-regulating so that is will keep your skin cool and comfortable when it is warm. It will also retain heat when it is cold.

  • What is the bamboo wrist support made of?

The support is constructed with a soft and strong bamboo charcoal blend fabric.

  • Does the bamboo wrist support repel bacteria and other allergens?

Yes, the wrist support features antimicrobial fibers that keep it hygienic and clean.

UPC: 683405233626 (Small/Medium); 683405233619 (Large/X-Large); 818323021950 (Small/Medium - Black); 818323021943 (Large/X-Large - Black)

Product Number: SUP1016S (Small/Medium - Gray); SUP1016L (Large/X-Large - Gray); SUP1077S (Small/Medium - Black); SUP1077L (Large/X-Large - Black)
Shipping Weight: 3 ounces