RHB2097BLKS Hot and Cold Ankle Sleeve

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RHB2097BLKS Hot and Cold Ankle Sleeve Black Small

Soothe ankle sprains, strains, and injuries with the Vive Ankle Ice Pack Wrap. With 360 degrees of coverage, this ankle sleeve can be heated or cooled. Reduce swelling, pain, and stiffness in your ankle with cold or heat therapy. An included compression strap offers extra support to improve circulation and promote natural healing. With multiple sizing options, you can find an ankle sleeve to best fit your healing ankle. Slip on this soft and seamless sleeve and avoid the hassle of hooks, loops, or inserts, for more convenient relief from pain. 


  • 360 Degrees of Coverage¬†¬†
  • With complete coverage of your entire ankle and heel, this hot and cold ankle sleeve evenly distributes gentle compression along with soothing hot or cold therapy to promote natural healing and recovery.

    • Hot or Cold Therapy¬†

    Choose from soothing hot therapy or stimulating cold treatment with the flexible gel pack. Freeze or microwave this ankle wrap to reduce pain, swelling, and tightness in your ankle and the arch of your foot. The non-toxic gel stays flexible when frozen, for a more comfortable fit. 

  • Adjustable Compression¬†
  • The included compression strap allows you to customize your compression level to meet your needs. Boost circulation and soothe tense and aching ankles and feet with a strong velcro closure designed for all-day wear.¬†

  • Reduce Pain and Swelling¬†
  • Great for those with sprains or strains or those dealing with post-surgery recovery, the Vive Ankle Ice Pack Wrap provides immediate pain relief. With a combination of comfort, compression, and temperature therapies, this brace is ideal for those with Achilles tendonitis, plantar fasciitis, or other foot and ankle conditions.¬†

  • Comfortable and Safe on Skin¬†¬†
  • Experience greater comfort with no irritating tags or seams. A soft combination of gel and lycra results in a soft, breathable, and comfortable support for your healing, injured, or painful ankle. ¬†

  • Easy to Use and Secure¬†
  • Position and secure the ankle wrap with the fastener strap to keep the ankle wrap firmly in place. With no hooks, tabs, or complicated closures, this ankle sleeve slides on and off the foot for greater comfort and convenience.¬†


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1x Hot/Cold Ankle Sleeve
        • 1x Ziploc Bag
        • 1x Elastic Strap¬†
      • Color(s): ¬†Sleeve - Black, Strap - Black
      • Size(s): S, M, L
  • Product Dimensions:
      • Small
      • Medium
      • Large
    • Strap Dimensions: 122cm x 82mm
    • Fits both left and right ankle
    • Product Weight: (tolerance 10%)¬†
      • Small: 410g
      • Medium: 500g
      • Large: 570g
    • Product Material(s): Lycra, Gel
    • Latex free: Yes
    • Care: Wipe with a damp cloth. Lay flat and air dry. Do NOT machine wash or dry.¬†


    • It comes with a Ziplock bag for cooling, NOT for heating.
    • Stretchable and firm fitting
    • 360 degree compression
    • Hot and cold therapy
    • The gel will not go bad in its resealable bag. Store in a cool area.