RHB2090TAL Wrist Ice Pack

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RHB2090TAL Wrist Ice Pack Teal

Soothe and relieve tension, pain, and bruising in your wrist and hand with the Vive Wrist Ice Pack. Choose from hot or cold therapy with a non-toxic gel pack that provides targeted relief and support to aid in injuries and post-surgery recovery. This dual-sided ice wrap allows you to choose from two temperature strength options, for targeted or gentle temperature therapy. A flexible design allows this brace to contour to the shape of your hand and wrist, for greater comfort. Experience relief from painful, tired, and sore wrists with this comfortable and secure wrist ice wrap.


  • Soothe Wrist Pain And Promote Recovery

With a combination of hot or cold temperature therapy and targeted compression, the Vive Wrist Ice Pack provides relief for wrist pain, tension, and swelling. From conditions like arthritis and carpal tunnel to recovering or injured wrists, this wrist ice wrap relieves pain and promotes recovery. 

  • Hot Or Cold Therapy Options

Choose from hot or cold therapy with this versatile and long lasting gel pack that can be microwaved or frozen, for greater convenience. Customize your temperature therapy and experience relaxing heat or stimulating cold to reduce inflammation and assist with natural healing. 

  • Dual-Sided Design

With two different sides, the Vive Wrist Ice Pack can be used to provide two different temperature strengths. A deep penetrating nylon gel side targets deep within the wrist, while the soft fabric side provides more gradual temperature therapy.

  • Flexible, Adjustable, And Secure

Personalize the wrist wrap to fit your level of compression with the secure and adjustable straps. A double sided hook closure can be used on either side of the wrist ice pack, providing a secure fit for all-day wear. 


  • What‚Äôs Included:
      • 1pc wrist ice pack
    • Color(s): Teal (gel pack side) + cool gray (soft plush side)
    • Size(s): Universal¬†
    • Product Dimensions: Gel pack: 290mm¬† x 215mm
    • Straps: 12.99‚Äù length (no including velcro) for both top and bottom strap
    • Product Weight: 1.02 lbs / 1pc
    • Product Material(s): Soft Plush + PVC Nylon + Clay
    • Latex free: Yes
    • Care: Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Leave to air dry. Do NOT machine wash or dry.
    • Dual Velcro design and dual material sided so you can use it with gel pack on skin or soft plush side on skin


    • Plush side and gel pack side
    • Elastic hook & loop straps
    • For heating and cooling
    • Universal both wrist fit