RHB2067BLK Yoga Knee Cushion

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RHB2067BLK Yoga Knee Cushion Black

Make practicing restorative yoga poses, kneeling or leaning on the wrists and forearms more comfortable with the Vive yoga knee cushion. Made with a soft, yet durable foam, the kneeling pad is great for yoga, pilates, exercise, housework, yard work and gardening. The foam knee pad cushions the knees, elbows, forearms and wrists, alleviating painful pressure and promoting balance and stability. 


  • Cushioned Relief for Knee Pain
    Alleviating stress on the joints, the Vive yoga knee cushion is ideal for cushioning the knees, elbows and wrists. The cushioned mat promotes greater stability and cushions painful pressure points in kneeling yoga asanas, for general exercise, gardening, cleaning and painting.
  • Perfectly Sized for Multiple Uses
    Featuring a built-in handle for easy portability, the Vive garden kneeling pad is exceptionally lightweight and measures 17.5” by 11”. Take to your favorite studio, use at home or the gym or carry to the game to use as a seat cushion on bleachers or stadium seats.
  • Thick, Resilient Foam
    Ultra-soft for maximum comfort, the thick yoga kneeling pad is made with a resilient, high-density foam to withstand frequent use without flattening out. Suitable for outdoor use, the foam knee pad is latex-free, odorless and easy to clean.
  • Nonslip Textured Surface
    Providing additional traction, the yoga kneeling pad features a lightly textured exterior layer that is sweat and water-resistant. The nonslip mat cushions pressure points and creates a safe, stabilizing surface for any yoga or pilates routine.
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
      • 1x Kneeling Pad
    • Color(s): Black, Blue (7688C)
    • Size(s): One size (17.5‚Äùx11‚Äùx1‚Äù)
    • Product Dimensions: 17.5‚Äùx11‚Äùx1‚Äù
    • Product Weight: 0.26kg / 0.57lb
    • Product Material(s): EVA
    • Latex free: Yes
    • Care: Clean with a damp cloth, drying with a lint-free cloth.¬†


  • Multiple uses: Can be used for yoga, exercise and gardening when need extra cushion for standing, sitting and kneeling.
    • Textured anti-slip surface: The kneeling pad is textured for greater traction and stability on any surface
    • Built in handle
    • Lightweight
    • Water-resistant


  • Will the Vive yoga knee cushion protect my knee during the child pose?
  • Yes! The yoga kneeling cushion is ideal for cushioning sore knees during seated, kneeling poses such as the child pose.

  • Does the Vive yoga knee mat have a handle?
  • Yes, the Vive yoga knee mat has an integrated handle for easily carrying to a new location.

  • What is the yoga knee cushion made of?
  • The yoga knee cushion is made of latex-free EVA foam.

  • Can I use this knee pad to cushion my knees while scrubbing my hardwood floors?
  • Yes! The Vive knee pad is perfect for protecting your knees while scrubbing floors, cleaning baseboards, painting and other household chores.

  • How do I clean my Vive yoga knee cushion?
  • The Vive yoga knee cushion is made with a durable EVA foam that is easy to clean. Simply wipe the knee mat with a damp cloth and dry immediately with a lint-free cloth.

  • Is the knee cushion thick enough for someone with a knee replacement to use?
  • The knee cushion measures 1‚Äù thick, cushioning the knee to relieve painful pressure for those who have recovered from a knee replacement.

  • Does this foam knee pad have a chemical smell?
  • The Vive yoga knee cushion is made with a latex-free EVA foam that is odorless.

  • Can I use the yoga knee cushion on top of my yoga towel?
  • Yes, the yoga knee cushion can be placed on top of your yoga towel or a yoga mat.

  • Is the Vive yoga knee cushion latex-free?
  • Yes! The Vive yoga knee cushion is made with a latex-free EVA foam.

  • Can I use this knee cushion when pulling weeds in my garden and flowerbeds?
  • Yes, the knee cushion can be used as a garden kneeler, relieving stress on the knee joints.

    Shipping Weight: 0.57 pounds