RHB2034S Replacement Arm Sleeve: Premium

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RHB2034S Replacement Arm Sleeve: Premium Small Black

Compatible with the Vive arm compression pump, the Vive replacement arm cuff includes color-coded connective tubing for a quick and easy set up. The four-chamber arm sleeve is sized to comfortably fit most adults and  includes an adjustable chest strap for securing the slide-on sleeve in place.


  • Genuine Replacement Sleeve

Designed for use with the Vive arm compression pump system, the Vive replacement arm sleeve easily slides on, providing a comfortable fit for compression therapy aiding post-workout recovery and rehabilitation following an injury or surgery.

  • Four Chamber Design

Acting independently, the arm compression cuff features four individual chambers that can be activated or deactivated for a customizable massage session. 

  • Standard Length For Most Adults

Sized to fit arm lengths up to 31” when measured from the shoulder, the standard arm sleeve is ideal for most adults. The arm compression sleeve also includes an adjustable strap for comfortable, hands-free use.

  • Includes Air Hoses

Color-coded for easily connecting to the sleeve, the set includes extra-long air tubing for comfortably positioning the arm when connected to the Vive arm compression pump.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1 replacement arm cuff (pump will only work with one cuff at a time, there are some style with dual cuffs but not as popular, this style is single cuff)¬†
        • Air tube connectors
      • Color(s): black
  • Size(s):
        • Regular
          • Weight: about 1.39lbs
          • Length:28‚Äù from shoulder joint to tip
        • Large
          • Weight: about 1.60 lbs
          • Length: 35‚Äù from shoulder joint to tip
      • Material(s): Nylon, rubber, PP plastic
  • Latex free: Yes
    • Care: wipe down with damp cloth, wipe dry



    Measure from top of shoulder joint to finger tips


    Up to 31”


    31”  -  38”


    • 4 chambered design
    • No zipper
    • Cuff works on left or right hand, velcro securing on both sides to make it easy to switch
    • Color coded air hose connectors
    • Rubber tube air connector
    • Will only connect with the Vive Arm Compression Pump (RHB2033BLK)