RHB2023MIX Fabric Resistance Bands

RHB2023MIX Fabric Resistance Bands

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RHB2023MIX Fabric Resistance Bands Mix

Upgrade your workout with the Vive fabric resistance band set. This set provides three levels of resistance to tone, strengthen and shape the abs, glutes, legs and arms. Made with a strong polyester blend, the resistance bands feature a soft, nonslip lining and are exceptionally lightweight for on the go use.


  • Tone, Strengthen And Shape

Easily integrating with any workout, the Vive fabric resistance bands aid in toning, strengthening and shaping the abs, glutes, legs and arms. The durable fabric resistance bands also aid in improving flexibility and stability in the joints. 

  • Color-Coded Resistance

Each set includes three color-coded resistance bands:  one light, one medium and one heavy band for progressive workouts. The exercise band set includes an illustrated workout booklet and is perfect for yoga, pilates, crossfit, P90x and popular workout programs. 

  • Soft, Nonslip Bands

Made with a soft polyester blend, the fabric resistance bands feature a nonslip inner lining to prevent rolling and sliding and are exceptionally durable to withstand frequent use. The wide 3.15” bands retain their shape workout after workout for long-term use and are easy to clean. 

  • Use At Home And On The Go

Lightweight and easily portable, the Vive fabric resistance band set includes a small drawstring carry bag for convenient travel. Use the resistance bands for exercising at home, at the gym and on the go. 


  • What’s Included: 

    • 1pc light band

    • 1pc medium band

    • 1pc heavy band

    • 1pc stringed carry bag (gray color)

    • 1pc color booklet with exercises

  • Color(s):

    • Light: teal 319c

    • Medium: dark teal 322c

    • Heavy: black

  • Product Weight: all bands weigh about 0.3 lbs

  • Latex free: No, the bands contains latex

  • Care: Hand was with cold water. Air Dry. Do NOT bleach or machine wash/dry.