RHB2008GRY Warming Mittens

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RHB2008GRY Warming Mittens Gray

Ideal for sore, aching hands, the Vive warming mittens provide soothing moist heat therapy to relieve pain and stiffness. The fleece warming mitts are filled with unscented rice that is microwavable for long-lasting heat. Easy to put on and take off, the warming mitts feature wide openings, a reversible design for either hand and adjustable wrist straps for a comfortable, nonslip fit.


  • Soothing Relief For Aching Hands

Providing soothing moist heat, the Vive warming mittens are ideal for relieving pain, stiffness and inflammation in the fingers and hands. The soft fleece warming mitts are ideal for soothing arthritis pain, carpal tunnel, Raynaud’s syndrome and more.

  • Nontoxic Natural Filling

Evenly dispersed with integrated separation lines, the Vive warming mittens are filled with grains nontoxic, unscented rice. The natural grain filling is easily heated in a microwave and provides long-lasting, moist heat therapy for sore, aching hands.

  • Open Fit Design

The open mitten design can be worn on the left or right hand while allowing the hand to remain in a relaxed, natural position. The warming mittens feature a wide opening for easily putting on or taking off the mittens. 

  • Washable Mitten Covers

Constructed with a soft, stretch material, the Vive warming mitten covers include adjustable wrist straps for securing the mitts for comfortable use. The mitt covers are also removable and machine washable for easy cleaning. 


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • 1pr of heat therapy gloves with removable covers

    • 1pr resealable clear plastic bags (used to heat the gloves in them)

  • Color(s): gray outer cover

  • Size(s): one size

    • Up to 11‚Äù circumference around the knuckles

  • Horizontal lined chambers to prevent the filling from settling at the bottom

  • Shaped like a hand to fit properly

  • Product Weight: each glove about 453 grams (+- 15 grams)

    • Need put into rice , the product weight should be 450g .¬† ¬† the rice need to heat 95 degress under the home oven. to prevent moths.¬†

  • Latex free: Yes

  • Care:¬†

    • Machine wash cover only in cold water on low. Do NOT machine wash the glove with rice filling¬†

    • Hang Dry

  • For heat therapy use on the hands (arthritis, aches, pains)

  • 1 mitten for each hand, can be used on either hands, no set left or right¬†

  • Do not get mittens wet

  • Cover has elastic strap to wrap around the wrist and secure

  • Cover is elastic and provides insulation to keep the glove heated longer and longer therapy time.¬†

  • Cover is washable - mitten is not