RHB1091SS Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack

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RHB1091SS Hydrocollator Moist Heat Pack 10" X 12" Beige

Providing soothing moist heat therapy, the Vive Hydrocollator Contour Pack relieves muscle pain and stiffness in the neck and shoulders due to arthritis, injury, treatments and more. Heated in a hydrocollator unit or on the stovetop, the moist heat pack is filled with a safe bentonite clay mixture that effectively retains heat and moisture for up to 30 minutes. The exterior of the reusable heat pack is constructed with premium, high-gauge cotton and features reinforced interval stitching and color-coded hanging tabs for easier handling.


  • Moist Heat Therapy

Soothing aches and pains, the Vive Hydrocollator contour pack provides up to 30 minutes of deeply penetrating moist heat to the neck and shoulders. The reusable heat pack relieves muscle stiffness and pain in the shoulders, upper back and neck due to arthritis, strains and sprains, chronic pain, surgery and injury.

  • Contoured Shape

Designed to lay along the neck and shoulders, the contour pack measures 24” in length for optimal coverage. The soothing heat pack features a curved design that easily conforms to the neck and drapes over the shoulders.

  • Strong Interval Stitching

Constructed with heavy-gauge cotton, the non-electric heat pack features reinforced interval stitching to create multiple chambers,  ensuring the bentonite clay filling is evenly dispersed for optimal pain relief throughout the targeted area.

  • Color-Coded Hanging Straps

Designed for easily heating in hydrocollator units, each moist heat pack features four hanging straps. The straps are also color-coded for easier pack rotation, ensuring packs are fully heated for maximum relief.


  • What‚Äôs Included Either of the styles below:
        • 1pc standard 10‚Äù x 12‚Äù moist heat pack
        • 1pc Neck contour 24‚Äù moist heat pack
        • 1pc Oversize 15‚Äù x 24‚Äù moist heat pack
      • Color(s): Tan/beige colored¬†
  • Material(s):¬†
      • Filling: Clay bentonite + Sodium Silicate
      • Outer cover: 100% high end heavy gauge cotton (over 300gsm fabric weight)
    • Packs come with hanging straps to be used for handing in specialized heating machine, the straps are white and black
    • Inner filling is Clay bentonite which expands when exposed to water and will harden if left to dry out
    • To store the packs away long term, they should be sealed in a plastic bag and then left in the freezer for future use.¬†
    • Delivers up to 30 minutes of heat therapy¬†
    • There are specialized machines that are used by PT‚Äôs and Drs like this that keep these packs warm until use and from drying out, we do not plan on selling these units at the moment. Customers can still heat the packs at home with hot water.