RHB1089BLU Resistance Band Roll - 25 yd

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RHB1089BLU Resistance Band Roll - 25 yd Blue

Great for physical therapists, clinicians, trainers and more, the Vive Resistance Band Roll provides 25 yards of  resistance band material that can be cut to any length. Available in five levels of resistance, the bulk resistance band is 4” wide and constructed with a latex-free material with a low powder coating to prevent sticking. Each roll is also packaged in an easy to dispense box for added convenience.


  • Strengthen And Stabilize Muscles

Versatile resistance band material is ideal for strengthening, stabilizing and toning the muscles while increasing flexibility and range of motion. Easily integrates with popular workouts, yoga and rehabilitation exercises for greater effectiveness.

  • Cut To Any Length

The perfect option for a customized resistance band, the Vive resistance band rolls can be cut to any length for integrative workouts, rehabilitation, strength training or physical therapy. Ideal for clinicians, physical therapists and trainers.

  • Latex-Free Material

Lightly textured for a more comfortable and secure grip, the resistance band rolls are made with a latex-free material. The latex-free bands are lightweight and flexible with a low powder coating to prevent sticking.

  • Choose Your Resistance Level

Available in one of five resistance levels, each resistance band roll is four inches wide and 25 yards in length. The yellow light resistance bands are great for beginners, expectant mothers, and the elderly. The medium, heavy, extra heavy and xx-heavy resistance bands work well for progressive workouts, advanced strength training and experienced users.


  • What‚Äôs Included: 1pc of either of the following rolls

    • Light - Yellow

    • Medium - Red

    • Heavy¬† - Green

    • X-Heavy - Blue¬†

    • XX-Heavy - Black

  • Resistances in lbs

    • Yellow - 3lbs @100% Elongation, and 4.3lbs @200%

    • Red - 3.7 lbs @100% Elongation, and 5.5lbs @200%

    • Green 6.7 lbs @100% Elongation, and 6.7lbs @200%

    • Blue - 5.8 lbs @100% Elongation, and 8.6lbs @200%

    • Black - 7.3 lbs @100% Elongation, and 10.2lbs @200%


Product Dimensions + Thickness



Light - Yellow

4” x 25yd - 0.30mm

1.2 lbs

Latex Free Rubber

Medium - Red

4” x 25yd - 0.35mm

1.4 lbs

Latex Free Rubber

Heavy - Green

4” x 25yd - 0.45mm

1.6 lbs

Latex Free Rubber

X-Heavy - Blue

4” x 25yd - 0.52mm

2 lbs

Latex Free Rubber

XX-Heavy - Black

4” x 25yd - 0.65mm

2.3 lbs

Latex Free Rubber

  • Low Powder Bands¬†

  • The band is not snap-resistant¬†

  • Textured

  • Care: Rinse under water and dry immediately