RHB1075BLU Ice Cup

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RHB1075BLU Ice Cup Blue

Providing simple ice therapy, the Arctic Flex ice cup massagers soothes aches and pains, bruises, swelling, inflamed joints and muscles. Easy to use, the ice cups separate after freezing to create a smooth piece of ice with a nonslip grip base for cooling self-massage. Refillable and easy to clean, the reusable ice massagers include two ice cups and holders that are made with a durable composite material.


  • Targeted Ice Therapy

Soothing bruises, muscle aches, sprains and strains, the Arctic Flex ice cup massager provides icy coolness with self-directed massage for optimal relief. Massage the affected area for up to 20 minutes to reduce swelling, pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles.

  • Easy To Grip Base

Protecting your hand from the ice, the ice cup massager separates to reveal an easy to grip base. The exterior of the base features a textured pattern to provide a nonslip grip while in the interior of the base is lined with spikes to securely hold the curved ice in place. Measuring 2.9” in diameter, the ice cup massager holder also fits comfortably in the hand.

  • Reusable Two-Piece Design

Easy to fill and freeze, the ice cup massager features a nesting design that separates with a simple twisting motion. The ice massager is constructed with a durable composite material.

  • Set Of Two Ice Cups

The Arctic Flex ice cup massagers include two ice cups with removable bases. Each ice cup takes approximately four hours to freeze and holds x of water.


  • What’s Included:

    • 2 pairs of cups + 2 pairs of “Ice holders”

  • Color(s): Light blue color same as arctic flex gel pack

    • Pantone 306c

  • Size(s): One size

  • Product Dimensions:

    • Cup measures: 7.5cm Height * 7.2cm diameter

    • Top measures: 3.3cm height * 7.4cm diameter

  • Product Weight: 42.11 grams/ 1cup

  • Material(s): LDPE plastic (no BPAs)

  • Latex free: No plastic contains latex

  • Care: Rinse with water and let dry.

  • The cup is reusable 

  • The top has 6 inner spikes that help hold the ice

  • For use with

    • Sprains 

    • Aches

    • Inflammation 

    • Muscle Spasms