RHB1073BLU Cold Massage Roller Ball

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RHB1073BLU Cold Massage Roller Ball Blue

Soothing sore, aching muscles, the Arctic Flex massage ball roller set simplifies self-massage while adding gentle heat or cold therapy for effective relief. The stainless steel massage balls are filled with a water-based solution and can be safely stored in the freezer to provide cool relief as it glides along the skin. Durably constructed, each massage ball rests in a contoured base with a nonslip band for a comfortable, yet secure grip.


  • Cold Soothing Self Massage

Ideal for post workouts and muscle recovery, the Arctic Flex cold massage ball rollers reduce inflammation and discomfort with a soothing coolness. The stainless steel roller balls glide along the skin with self-directed pressure for targeted deep tissue massage and trigger point therapy.

  • Smooth Stainless Steel Roller

Gliding smoothly over bare skin, each 2.5” roller ball is constructed with stainless steel and filled with a water-based mixture that can be gently heated or quickly frozen for soothing relief.

  • Nonslip Silicone Base

Easy to hold for self-directed pressure at any angle, the roller ball base is contoured to fit comfortably in either hand. The base also features a silicone band for a secure, nonslip grip.

  • Two Durable Massage Balls

Sized for convenient travel, the set includes two Arctic Flex massage ball rollers. Each roller is latex-free and non-irritating for safe use on any skin type.


  • What‚Äôs included

    • 2 pc cold roller¬†

  • Made of steel with freezing liquid inside to keep cool

    • Inner liquid is a mixture of glycerin and water

    • Ball is not removable

    • Glides smoothly without pinching the skin

    • Diameter of ball is 54mm

  • Includes a outer silicone band for grip

  • Contoured to fit in hand

  • Provides trigger point massage / deep tissue

  • How to use

    • Stick in Freezer for 2+hours, remove and use

  • Use

    • Pre or post workout¬†

    • Muscle recovery

    • Reduce inflammation

    • Reduce injuries

  • Care

    • Rinse under cool water with mild soap, dry immediately, do not store wet.