RHB1067GRYL 14" x 13" Ice Wrap

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RHB1067GRYL 14" x 13" Ice Wrap Gray Large

Providing soothing relief from swelling, muscle aches and pains, injury or surgery, the Arctic Flex multi-purpose gel pack can be used for both hot or cold therapy and features a extra soft, removable cover with three fastening straps. The fastening straps are easily repositionable to securely hold the pack on the shoulder, arm, hip, abdomen, back, calf or ankle. Remaining flexible when frozen, the reusable gel pack contours to the body to alleviate general aches and pains, inflammation and swelling.


  • Targeted Soothing Relief

Generously sized to effectively cover the shoulders, the hips, abdomen or back, the Arctic Flex multi-purpose pack provides soothing relief from pain, stiffness and swelling due to strains and sprains, bruising, arthritis, sports injuries and post surgery care.

  • Flexible Hot Or Cold Pack

Easily warm or cool the Arctic Flex gel pack for customizable hot or cold therapy. Store the gel pack in the freezer for two hours or more for cooling relief that remains flexible when frozen to contour to the targeted area. The versatile gel pack can also be heated in a microwave or a similar manner for effective heat therapy.

  • Removable Soft Cover

Easily secure the gel pack inside the removable cover with dual closures. The machine-washable cover is exceptionally soft and lined with a nonslip material to hold the gel pack in place. The cover also includes three fastener straps. Place the straps in any position on the cover to secure the multipurpose pack around the knee, ankle, shoulder and more. 

  • Durable And Reusable

Soft, yet durable, the multipurpose gel pack is constructed with a strong, latex-free vinyl that is tear and split resistant. Each seam is sealed to prevent leaks for extensive reusability. 


  • What‚Äôs included

    • 1pc large gel pack (removable)

      • Stays flexible when frozen (clay gel filling)

      • Non-toxic gel

      • Gel can be heated or cooled

        • 2+hrs for cooling

        • With the gel pack at room temperature set for 30 seconds in microwave on high, 10 second intervals after that

    • 1pc material cover

      • Machine washable

      • Removable¬†

      • Latex free

      • Soft inner lining

    • Adjustable Velcro Straps

      • long strap: 28.75"

      • small strap: 12"

      • Extender Strap: 15.75"

      • Non-slip silicone inner lining

  • Velcro open/close pocket

  • You can attach the straps anywhere on the cover

  • Washable cover¬†

  • Multi-purpose use

    • Ankle

    • Knee

    • Thigh

    • Back

    • Shoulder

    • Elbow

    • Arm

    • Hip

    • Ease injuries, bruises, swelling, soreness, aches

    • Can be used post surgery