RHB1049PAD Ice Therapy Additional Universal Pad

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RHB1049PAD Ice Therapy Additional Universal Pad Gray

Compatible with the Ice Therapy Machine RHB1049

Designed for use with the Vive cold therapy machine, the Vive replacement ice machine pad includes a durable, leakproof pad with standard tubing connectors, three flexible straps, and a protective cover. The replacement pad is also compatible with similar models for soothing relief of common aches and pains.


  • Compatible With The Vive Cold Therapy Machine
    Featuring quick connectors, the Vive replacement cold therapy pad is compatible with the Vive cold therapy machine and similar models. Each replacement pad is made with a soft, yet durable composite material and reinforced seams for long-term, leakproof use. 
  • Large Flexible Shape
    Uniquely shaped to easily conform to the body for greater effectiveness, the Vive replacement cold therapy pad is flexible to wrap securely around the knee, elbow, hip, ankle, and shoulder. The surface of the therapy pad is dimpled to ensure the ice water is evenly distributed throughout the treatment time. 
  • Includes Additional Straps
    Easily secure the flexible therapy pad to the affected area with the included adjustable straps for hands-free cold therapy. The adjustable strap set includes three flexible sizes for versatile use. 
  • Removable Soft Cover
    Ideal for protecting sensitive skin, the Vive replacement cold therapy machine pad includes a soft, non woven cover. Creating a barrier between the cold therapy pad and the skin, the soft cover protects delicate skin and is removable if desired.
  • Vive Guarantee
    A 30-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What’s Included:
        • 1pc ice machine universal pad
        • 1pc small elastic strap
        • 1pc medium elastic strap
        • 1pc large elastic strap
        • 1pc think the non-woven barrier
      • Color(s): gray and clear PVC
      • Size(s): universal size
      • Product Weight: 0.23 lbs
      • Material(s): PVC / plastic
  • Latex free: yes
      • Care: spot clean / wipe down
  • 3 elastic straps
      • small strap length: 15” x 4” 
      • medium: 27.5” x 4” 
      • large: 46” x 4”


    • Fits our Vive knee ice machine
    • Soft inner PVC material 
    • Comes with a thin non-woven barrier to put against the skin and pad to protect against the intense cold
  • Universal pad is a good fit for:
      • Knee
      • Shoulder
      • Elbow
      • Calf
      • Back
      • Thigh
      • Groin
    • Insulated foam piece for rubber tubing
  • Is the Vive replacement pad compatible with the Coolman cold therapy machine?
  • Yes, the Vive replacement pad is compatible with Coolman cold therapy machines and similar machines.

  • What are the dimensions of the Vive replacement therapy pad when flat?
  • The uniquely shaped therapy measures 12” across at its widest point and 11” long.

  • Is the thin cover that’s included reusable?
  • Yes! Made with a non woven material, the soft cover is removable and reusable to protect the skin.

  • Will the replacement cold therapy pad wrap completely around my knee?
  • Yes, the cold therapy machine pad is designed to wrap around the knee, elbow, or ankle for maximum coverage.

  • Can I use this therapy wrap on my shoulder?
  • Yes! The cold therapy pad is uniquely designed to contour to the body, secured with the included straps for targeted relief.

  • Do I need separate pads for different areas of the body?
  • The cold therapy machine pad is designed to conform to any area of the body including the shoulder, arm, back, hip, thigh, knee, calf, and ankle.

  • How long is the large band?
  • The large band measures 45” in length for securing the cold therapy machine pad on the shoulder, hip, lower back, and more.

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