RHB1037WOODL Wooden Transfer Board

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RHB1037WOODL Wooden Transfer Board Large 36"x11.5"

Aiding mobility, the Vive wooden transfer board features a smooth finish for easy transfers between chairs, beds and wheelchairs. Constructed with a durable, solid wood, the 29” transfer board has two cut out handles for greater leverage and tapered ends to easily slide to the intended destination. Supporting up to 440 pounds, the transfer board provides greater independence for those with limited mobility and reduces back strain and lifting injuries for caregivers

  • Safe And Easy Transfers
  • Aiding in the transfer between a bed, chair, wheelchair and more, the wooden transfer board allows individuals to move with greater independence and protects caregivers from injury. A durable, smooth finish allows individuals to more easily slide to their destination with minimal friction. The compact transfer board is lightweight and portable for use at home and on the go.¬†

  • Dual Cutout Handles
  • Providing greater leverage, the wooden transfer board features two cutaway handholds for a secure grip while moving across the board. Each handle is rounded and sealed for a smooth finish to protect hands and clothing.¬†

  • Tapered Ends With Rounded Corners
  • Gently tapered to provide easier transfers, the lightweight transfer board is 29‚Äù long for greater flexibility in positioning. Each corner is rounded to increase patient comfort during transfers and eliminate scratches and snags on furniture or upholstery.

  • Durable Sealed Wood
  • Supporting up to 440¬†lbs the tapered transfer board is made from a strong wood that is sealed and coated to prevent cracks and chips. The smooth finish eliminates snagged clothing, allowing patients and loved ones to easily slide across the surface.¬†

  • What‚Äôs Included:
  • Wooden Transfer Board
      • Uses: Use to transfer patients with mobility issues to and from a bed, wheelchair, car, chair, or commode
      • Length: 30‚Äù
      • Width: 7.5‚Äù
      • Thickness: 0.75‚Äù
      • Materials: Sealed and coated lightweight wood
      • Max. Weight Capacity: 440 lbs
      • Instructions: Place at least ‚Öì of the board on the surface you are transferring from. Place at least ‚Öì of the board on the surface you are transferring to Support your body weight on the board and slowly move from one end to the other
      • Care Instructions: Wipe down with a dry cloth, Keep dry
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      Product Number: RHB1037WOOD
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