RHB1033FBR40 TENS Electrodes (Fabric Back) - 10 Sets of 4

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RHB1033FBR40 TENS Electrodes (Fabric Back) - 10 Sets of 4

Compatible with most TENS and EMS units, the Vive TENS unit replacements pads feature universal lead connectors. Non-irritating to the skin, this set of 52 latex and pvc-free electrode pads are pregelled for better conductivity and adhesion and are reusable, up to 25 uses per pad.


  • Set Of 40 Replacement Electrode Pads

Easily replace worn out TENS unit pads with safe, FDA approved, reusable electrode pads. Conveniently packaged in sets of four pads, each set includes a resealable bag with a protective liner to provide a safe storage solution that extends the lifespan of each pad. 

  • Universally Compatible Connectors

Compatible with many TENS units, EMS units and other muscle stimulators, each replacement pad features a universal 2mm lead connector. The non-corrosive universal lead connectors provide current stability for safe and effective pain-relieving therapy. 

  • Self-Adhering, Pre-Gelled Pads

Square shaped and backed with a non-woven cloth, the electrode pads are flexible for optimal placement on the skin. The second layer of each pad is a conductive carbon film. A premium hydrogel creates the third layer, ensuring a secure adhesion to the skin that easily releases after treatment without leaving a sticky residue behind. 

  • Latex-Free Reusable Electrodes

Non-irritating to the skin, each latex and pvc-free pad has a lifespan of 20-25 uses when safely stored in the resealable pouch with the protective liner. 


  • What‚Äôs Included:
      • 40 Replacement electrode pads with FABRIC backing, 10 sets of 4¬†
      • Lead connectors
    • Uses: Replacement electrode pads for TENS, EMS, and muscle stimulation devices
    • Dimensions: 1.97‚Äù by 1.97‚Äù
    • Materials: Non-woven cloth backing. Conductive carbon film (Low impedance), Conductive hydro gel, Lead wire with 2mm DIN size or snap connector