RHB1008SLV Folding Pedal Exerciser

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RHB1008SLV Folding Pedal Exerciser Silver

Improve focus and concentration for a more productive day, while strengthening and toning your muscles with the Vive folding pedal exerciser. The compact, folding design easily fits under any desk for use in the office or at home. Comfortable, non-slip pedal bars accommodate any type of shoe and include adjustable toe loops for a secure fit. Versatile pedal exerciser can also be used on a tabletop for low impact arm exercise perfect for physical therapy and rehabilitation.


  • Great For Toning Muscles And Improving Concentration
    Compact folding pedal exerciser can be used to strengthen arms and legs, effectively increasing circulation while improving stamina and relieving tension for greater focus and concentration. The Vive folding pedal exerciser can be used in the office as well as at home, for general exercise, physical therapy and rehabilitation. Use while on your phone, watching tv, or playing video games to include beneficial exercise in your day.
  • Compact Folding Design Fits Under Any Desk
    Compact design is 9 ” high, easily fitting under a desk or similar space. Non-slip, non marking feet ensure the pedal exerciser stays in place on any surface, including any tabletop, carpet or hard floor surfaces.  Each pedal also has a nonslip surface with adjustable toe loops for added comfort and safety. Legs fold under for compact storage and easy portability.
  • Adjustable Tension For Customized Workout
    Easily adjust the tension level with the tension knob for a personalized exercise experience. Great low impact exercise for beginners and perfect for rehabilitation following a surgery or injury.
  • One Touch Multifunction Display
    A large, easy to read LCD screen displays RPM, time, speed, distance and calories burned with the touch of a button. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    Unconditional 1 Year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.



  • What's Included:
  • ¬†

        • Vive Folding Pedal Exerciser
        • Vive Fit App


  • Dimensions:
  • ¬†

        • Width:¬†14.5 inches
        • Length:¬†19 inches
        • Height:¬†9 inches


  • Uses:
  • ¬†

        • Strengthen and tone arm or leg muscles
        • Low-impact cardio workout
        • Improve stamina
        • Increase circulation
        • Must be used on a flat, level surface
        • Minimal Assembly Required
        • Unbox and insert the tension knob


  • Adjusting Resistance:
  • ¬†

      • Turn rotary knob left to decrease resistance
      • Turn rotary knob right to increase resistance
      • LCD Display
      • Two line display
      • Displays calories burned, RPM, time and speed
      • Press and hold red square key for 4 seconds to start and toggle between display values



  • Does the folding pedal exerciser come assembled?
  • ¬†

    The pedal exerciser arrives folded with pedals intact. Unfold and insert the tension knob to begin exercising.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser come with replacement pedals?
  • ¬†

    No, the exerciser does not include replacement pedals but does include a one year unconditional guarantee.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser make a lot of noise?
  • ¬†

    No, this exerciser pedals smoothly without creating any noise.


  • How do I exercise my arms?
  • ¬†

    Place the folding pedal exerciser on the table, sit in a sturdy chair at the table, place your hands on the pedals, and rotate your arms.


  • How do I exercise my legs?
  • ¬†

    Place the folding pedal exerciser on the floor, sit in a sturdy chair, place your feet on the pedals, secure the toe loops, and rotate your legs.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser fit under a desk?
  • ¬†

    Yes, at only 9 inches tall, the exerciser fits under most desks.


  • Can I sit in a rolling chair or a wheelchair to use the folding pedal exerciser?
  • ¬†

    For safety and security, it is best to sit in a stationary chair.


  • Can I use the folding pedal exerciser while watching TV?
  • ¬†

    Yes, you can use the exerciser while watching TV, talking on the phone, working on a computer or even playing video games.


  • What are the dimensions of the folding pedal exerciser?
  • ¬†

    When unfolded, the exerciser is 9 inches tall, 14.5 inches wide and 19 inches long.


  • How high are the pedals off the floor at the highest point?
  • ¬†

    The pedals are about 14 inches off the floor at their highest point.


  • How large are the pedals?
  • ¬†

    The pedals are 4 inches wide.


  • How much does the folding pedal exerciser weigh?
  • ¬†

    The exerciser weighs less than 7 pounds.


  • Are the toe straps adjustable?
  • ¬†

    Yes, the toe straps have six different settings that will fit most feet.


  • Can a child use the folding pedal exerciser?
  • ¬†

    The exerciser is simple enough for anyone to use; however, pedal straps may not adjust small enough to fit child’s feet.


  • Is the tension adjustable?
  • ¬†

    Yes, the folding pedal exerciser includes an easily adjustable tension knob to vary workout intensity.


  • Can I use the folding pedal exerciser for a cardio workout?
  • ¬†

    Yes, since you are moving your arms and legs, you will burn calories.


  • Can I use the folding pedal exerciser to tone my muscles?
  • ¬†

    Yes, by setting the tension higher, you will tone your muscles as you work out.


  • Can I use the folding pedal exerciser for rehabilitation after injury?
  • ¬†

    Yes, the adjustable tension is great for building stamina and strength.


  • What does the LCD display tell me?
  • ¬†

    The LCD display shows the calories burned, RPM, time, speed with the touch of a button.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser slide around when used?
  • ¬†

    The rubber feet are designed to grip any surface, including tabletops, carpet or hard floor surfaces. If you experience any movement, we recommend placing the exerciser on top of a small mat or rug.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser include an anchor strap?
  • ¬†

    Since the four rubber feet acts as the anchor, a separate strap is not necessary.


  • Does the folding pedal exerciser get hot after prolonged use?
  • ¬†

    No, the exerciser does not build up heat after prolonged use.

    UPC: 028841241765(Silver); 028841241772 (Teal)

    Product Number: RHB1008SLV (Silver); RHB1008TL (Teal)

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