MOB1067BLK Side Mirror

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MOB1067BLK Side Mirror Black

Enhance your on-road safety with our revolutionary side mirror, ensuring both convenience and security for your journeys. Quick and easy installation guarantees optimal ease, and the ability to customize your viewing angle empowers you to ride confidently, maintaining full control at all times. Benefit from an extended field of vision that heightens your awareness of your surroundings for a clearer picture of potential hazards. Elevate your sight with our large and wide side mirror that is universally compatible with bicycles and large-handle mobility scooters, effectively boosting road safety. Engineered with safety in mind, this mirror remains firmly in plac, accompanied by a robust yet adaptable clamp that combines strength with flexibility. Maximize your riding security with this versatile and essential addition to your travel arsenal.


  • Effortless Roadside Installation
    Enhance your road safety effortlessly with our quick installation process, providing you with optimal convenience and security during your travels. 
  • Tailored Viewing Angle
    Stay confidently in command of your journey with our customizable viewing angle feature, ensuring you maintain control and ride with the utmost confidence. 
  • Expanded Awareness And Enhanced Vision
    Experience an extended field of view that heightens your situational awareness, granting you a clearer understanding of your surroundings for a safer travel experience. The universal fit badge guarantees compatibility, while the large and wide side mirror elevates your vision on the road. 
  • Engineered For Safety
    The Vive Side Mirror is thoughtfully designed for optimal safety, securing firmly in place throughout your travels, while the durable and sturdy clamp ensures a robust yet adaptable attachment. Its versatile design caters to both bicycles and large-handle mobility scooters, making it a versatile choice for all your transportation needs. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60-day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:¬†
      • 1 mirror with clamp
    • Color(s): black and grey
    • Size(s): XL
    • Product Dimensions: 13‚Äù long /¬† clamp opening - 2‚Äù wide / mirror 3‚Äù diameter
    • Product Weight: 33lbs
    • Product Material(s): plastic
    • Latex free: yes