MOB1040BLK Bariatric Rollator

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MOB1040BLK Bariatric Rollator Black

Easily maneuver indoors and out with the Vive bariatric rollator. The heavy-duty rollator walker will provide you with stabilizing support while walking and a comfortable seat when resting. Supporting up to 500 pounds, the rollator is made with a durable steel frame with height-adjustable handles and features a padded backrest and an 18” wide, padded seat for greater comfort The bariatric rollator folds flat for easy portability and includes an under-the-seat bin for storing everyday items.


  • Stable Mobility Support
  • Providing stabilizing support, the Vive bariatric rollator allows you to easily navigate indoors and out and comfortably rest when needed. The heavy-duty rollator is wider than standard rollators for a comfortable walking experience and features a comfortably wide seat and padded backrest with an under-the-seat storage bin for safely carrying essential items.¬†

  • Strong Steel Frame
  • Safely supporting up to 500 pounds, the Vive bariatric rollator is made with a durable steel frame that requires minimal, tool-free assembly. The heavy-duty rollator handles are also height-adjustable between 34‚Äù to 38‚Äù for a customized fit.¬†

  • Folds For Easy Storage
  • Designed for easy transportation, the bariatric rollator walker folds flat for convenient storage. The durable rollator weighs approximately 27 pounds.¬†

  • Locking Braking System
  • Each of the ergonomic handles is angled to position hands in a neutral position, reducing fatigue and allowing easy access to the bicycle-style hand brakes. The loop brakes also allow you to lock the wheels in place, ensuring the rollator will not move when activated.


  • What's Included:
    • Vive Bariatric Rollator
    • Removable storage bin


    • Uses: Mobility aid


    • Base when open: 28.5‚Äù by 20‚Äù by 38‚Äù
    • Width between the handles: 22‚Äù
    • Adjustable Height: 34‚Äù to 38‚Äù
    • Seat: 18‚Äù by 13.5‚Äù
    • Seat height from the floor: 22‚Äù
    • Wheels: 8‚Äù
    • Storage bin: 20‚Äù by 10‚Äù by 5‚Äù
    • Material: Steel frame

    Care Instructions:

    • Wipe down with a damp cloth and disinfectant solution as necessary.
    • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth


    • frame - 1 year
    • brakes/handles - 90 days
    • wheels - none / on arrival 30 days
    • screws/bolts/nuts - none / on arrival 30 days
    • cushions/seats - none / on arrival 30 days
    • paint/panels - none / on arrival 30 days


  • Does the Vive bariatric rollator come pre-assembled?
  • Yes, the bariatric rollator is pre-assembled, only requiring the backrest, handles and storage bin to be snapped into place without special tools.

  • Is the Vive bariatric rollator heavy-duty?
  • Yes! The bariatric rollator is heavy-duty, made with strong steel, and safely supports up to 500 pounds.

  • Will a bariatric rollator be helpful for someone with knee pain?
  • Yes, the bariatric rollator provides stabilizing support for those with limited mobility, relieving pressure on the knees.

  • What is the width between the handles of the rollator?
  • The width between the rollator handles is 22‚Äù.

  • What is the height of the seat from the floor?
  • The Vive bariatric rollator seat sits 22‚Äù from the floor.

  • Can the Vive bariatric rollator be easily folded to take in a car?
  • Yes, the rollator folds flat for placing in a car.

  • Is the bariatric rollator height adjustable?
  • Yes! The rollator handle height can be adjusted from 34‚Äù to 38‚Äù.

  • What is the weight limit for the bariatric rollator?
  • The Vive bariatric rollator safely supports up to 500 pounds.

  • How wide is the bariatric rollator seat?
  • The bariatric rollator measures 18‚Äù by 13.5‚Äù.

  • Will the bariatric rollator‚Äôs hand brakes be easy to use for someone with arthritis?
  • Yes, the loop hand brakes are designed for easy use.

  • How much does the Vive bariatric rollator weigh?
  • The Vive bariatric rollator weighs 27 pounds.

  • Can I lock the wheels when resting on the rollator seat?
  • Yes! The wheels lock in place for greater stability when seated.

  • Does the bariatric rollator fit through interior doors?
  • Yes, it will fit through most doorways. The Vive bariatric rollator measures 28.5‚Äù in total width. It may require some extra maneuvering to pass through narrow interior doors.

    UPC: 810041983657 (Black), 810041983664 (Blue)

    Product Number: MOB1040

    Shipping Weight: 27 lbs