MOB1038BLK Carbon Fiber Standing Cane

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MOB1038BLK Carbon Fiber Standing Cane Black

Providing stabilizing support for navigating any surface, the Vive carbon fiber standing cane is capped with a compact quad tip that swivels and flexes for safe use on uneven surfaces such as grass, sand and gravel as well as smoother surfaces such as hardwood, pavement and carpeting. The lightweight cane features a comfort grip handle is height adjustable with a push pin system and secure locking latch for a personalized fit. The sleek cane is also self-standing for greater convenience.


  • Durable Lightweight Carbon Fiber

Constructed with a strong and lightweight carbon fiber, the Vive carbon fiber standing cane aids in safely navigating both on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Safely supporting up to 250 pounds, the self-standing cane weighs one pound, making it perfect for daily use at home and on the go.

  • Self-Standing, Swivel Tip

Keeping your cane close at hand, the carbon fiber cane features a non-marking, self-standing base. The compact quad base also swivels and flexes for greater stability and traction on uneven surfaces.

  • Easy Height Adjustments

Secured with a locking latch, the Vive carbon fiber standing cane is height adjustable from 31” to 39.5” for a comfortable fit for most adults. The cane adjusts with a simple, 1” push-pin system for easy personalization. 

  • Stylish Ergonomic Handle

Contoured for a comfortable, yet secure grip, the self-standing carbon fiber cane features an ergonomic handle that effectively reduces hand and wrist fatigue. The cane also includes a removable wrist strap to prevent accidental drops. 


  • What’s Included
    • 1 Vive Carbon Fiber Standing Cane
    • Removable Wrist Strap
  • Uses: Lightweight self-standing walking aid for greater stability and traction on indoor and outdoor surfaces
  • Materials: Carbon fiber, Fiberglass, Composite material