MOB1036BLK Standing Cane Tip

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MOB1036BLK Standing Cane Tip Black

Exceptionally lightweight and flexible, the Vive standing cane tip replaces worn, damaged or lost cane tips with a modern, self-standing base. The standing cane tip fits all standard and folding 3/4" canes providing greater stability and traction on any surface. The low profile quad cane tip will not interfere with your natural stride no matter which hand the cane is held in and reduces hand and wrist fatigue for comfortable, all-day use


  • Easily Update Your Favorite Cane

Designed to work with most standard and folding canes, the Vive standing cane tip allows any cane to independently remain upright for easy retrieval when seated. Eliminates bending and twisting to pick up a cane from off floor while providing a stable, supportive base for walking. 

  • Provides Greater Stability

Easily navigate over uneven and loose surfaces such as gravel, sand and grass with the quad cane tip. The base is designed with four contact points to provide greater balance and stability. Each quad-tip is textured to create a nonslip surface for increased traction on smooth surfaces such as hardwood, vinyl and pavement. 

  • Flexible Modern Design

Exceptionally lightweight, the standing cane tip flexes with each step absorbing the impact to effectively reduce hand and wrist pain and fatigue. The low profile cane tip is compact to minimize interference with your natural stride when used with either hand. 

  • Use With Any 3/4" Cane

Easily replace standard 3/4" cane tips with the Vive standing cane tip. Simply remove the existing tip and insert the bottom of a standard or folding cane into the new standing cane tip by pushing downward on a flat surface and twisting until fully inserted to prevent instability.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
    • Vive Standing Cane Tip
  • Uses:
    • For replacing a worn, damaged or missing 3/4" cane tip
    • For updating a standard or folding cane to be self-standing
  • Dimensions:
    • 4.25‚Äù by 4.25‚Äù
  • Height: 2.5‚Äù
  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Material:
    • Rubber
  • How To Install:
    • Remove the old cane tip and clean the exposed surface of the cane shaft
    • Insert the bottom of the cane into the new rubber cane tip by pushing downward on a flat surface and twisting until fully inserted to prevent instability
  • Care Instructions:
    • Wipe down with a damp cloth and mild soap
    • Air dry completely before use