MOB1034WHT Trekking Poles

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MOB1034WHT Trekking Poles White

The Vive Trekking Poles are lightweight and adjustable, these collapsible aluminum poles provide exceptional support while weighing only 7 to 9 ounces. The ergonomic handles and anti-slip wrist straps ensure a comfortable and secure grip, reducing fatigue during long hikes. Upgrade your outdoor gear and conquer the trails with confidence using the Vive Trekking Poles.


Weighing only 7 ounces, the trekking poles help you exert less energy so that you can keep going. 

Extending and retracting from 27.75" to 57.5", the trekking poles will fit most adults or children

From navigating across ice or sand to an easy walk in the park, you will be ready to go with eight durable tip attachments

The adjustable wrist straps provide all-day comfort and security even over rough terrain

The anti-slip grips keep hands cool and comfortable during long-distance hikes

Trekking poles snap together and stow away in the handy carrying case for easy transport


What's included

  • 2x Trekking Poles
  • Carrying Bag
  • 2x Pole Clips
  • 8x Tip Attachments
  • Instruction Manual
  • Lifetime Guarantee

Product specifications: 

Lightweight walking sticks for outdoor all-terrain use

Adjustable Height Fits Most

Multiple Tips for Any Terrain

Secure Wrist Straps

Comfortable Grip

Lifetime Guarantee


  • Length when collapsed: 27.75‚Äù
  • Length when fully extended: 57.5‚Äù


  • Lightweight aluminum
  • EVA foam hand grips


How long are the trekking poles when collapsed?

Each pole collapses to 27.75”.

How long are the trekking poles when fully extended?

When fully extended, each pole is 57.5”.

Will the trekking poles extend enough to be used by someone over 6 feet tall?

That would depend on your comfortable and safe height in a trekking pole. If it is 57.5” or lower, these poles would work for you.

How do I extend the trekking poles and adjust the hand straps?

There are two places on each pole to extend the pole. First, open the tension lever on the pole and pull it out to extend. Replace the tension lever to lock in place. If you need further extension, there is a lower extension location near the tip. At that location, twist the pole to unlock before pulling out to extend. Once you’ve extended the pole to your desired length, twist the pole to lock in place.

To adjust your wrist strap, push the button where the straps meet on the handle. This unlocks the strap. The strap is looped through the handle three times. Pull on one of the three loops to loosen or tighten. When you have the strap at your preferred setting, grab all three loops and pull firmly to lock the strap in place.

Are these trekking poles suitable for pavement?

Yes, the trekking poles include several different tips that are designed to maximize your experience on a specific terrain, including pavement using the rubber foot tips.

Are these trekking poles suitable for snow and ice?

Yes, the trekking poles include several different tips that are designed to maximize your experience on a specific terrain, including snow and ice using the snow and ice tip.

Are these trekking poles suitable for sand?

Yes, the trekking poles include several different tips are designed to maximize your experience on a specific terrain, including sand using the sand guard.

I have a hard time walking due to a medical condition. Can I use these trekking poles to help me get around during the day?

Yes, these lightweight trekking poles will provide stability and traction while reducing arm and shoulder fatigue even when used all day.

What are the trekking poles made of?

The trekking poles are constructed of lightweight aluminum that is very sturdy but also easy to lift and carry.

How much do the trekking poles weigh?

Each pole is about 7 ounces, making them ideal for long-distance hikes or even all day indoor use.

What are the hand grips made of?

The soft hand grips are constructed of soft EVA foam that molds to your hands for a comfortable grip.

What are the clips for?

The clips are intended to help you store your trekking poles neatly and conveniently when not in use. Just collapse the poles, use the clips to snap them together and store them in the carrying case.

UPC: 810041980182 (Black); 810041980175 (Blue Geometry); 810041980199 (White)

Product Number:  MOB1034GRP (Black); MOB1034BLU (Blue Geometry); MOB1034WHT (White)

Shipping Weight: 2 pounds