MOB1025SLV 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter

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MOB1025SLV 3 Wheel Mobility Scooter Silver

Providing safe, stable assistance, the Vive three-wheel mobility scooter easily maneuvers over smooth surfaces such as concrete, pavement, tile and carpeting with a tight turning radius to easily navigate through doorways and hallways. The mobility scooter includes a comfortably wide, padded seat with flip-back armrests, 7.5” flat-free tires and front-mounted storage basket for carrying daily necessities. With a top speed of 3.7 mph, the mobility scooter has a driving range of up to 12.4 miles per charge. The power scooter also quickly disassembles into four pieces to easily fit in an average size vehicle.


  • Safe Maneuverability

Navigate over any smooth surface with comfort and ease with the Vive three-wheel mobility scooter. Designed to safely support up to 265 pounds, the mobility scooter features flat-free, non-marking tires with a tight turning radius, a maximum speed of 3.7mph and a driving distance up to 12.4 miles per charge.

  • Comfort Seating

Lightly padded, the wide, 16.9” seat and backrest provide comfortable cushioning. The seat is also height adjustable for a customizable fit and rotates to facilitate easy boarding and exiting. Additionally, the scooter seat is surrounded by two padded armrests that also adjust and flip upward for greater convenience when exiting or boarding.

  • Easy Portability

Quickly disassemble the Vive mobility scooter into four separate pieces for easy transportation. Featuring a folding tiller and removable seat, each section easily fits in the trunk of standard size vehicles. The rear section is the heaviest section weighing in at 29 pounds. 

  • Intuitive Control Panel

Located on the tiller console, the control panel allows you to set the maximum speed with the variable speed dial, change from a forward to a reverse direction, turn on the headlight as well as produce a warning tone as needed.  

The display also includes a color-coded battery life indicator for checking the status of the battery at a glance.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
      • Vive 3-Wheeled Mobility Scooter
      • Off-board battery charger


    • Overall Dimensions: (L x W x H) 37‚Äù x 19.6‚Äù x 33‚Äù
    • Total Weight: 77lbs.
    • Weight of Heaviest Piece: 29lb. (Rear base)
    • Seat Height: (from ground) 18.5‚Äù - 21.5‚Äù
    • Seat Width: 17‚Äù
    • Seat Depth: 15‚Äù
    • Armrest Height: (above seat) 6.75‚Äù
    • Seat Back Height: 13‚Äù
    • Legroom(seatback to tiller): 27‚Äù
    • Net Weight: 84 lbs.
    • Maximum Speed: 3.7 mph
    • Maximum Braking Distance: 59‚Äù
    • Minimum Turning Radius: 2.6ft.
    • Weight Limit: 265 lbs.
    • Maximum Travel Distance: (in Theory) 12.4 mi
    • Static Stability: ‚â• 9¬∞
    • Dynamic Stability: ‚â• 6¬∞
    • Sloping Ability: ‚⧠9¬∞
    • Climbing Ability: ‚⧠9¬∞
    • Motor: 24V/180W
    • Battery: 2-piece lead-acid battery (12V 12AH each)
    • Controller Maximum Output Current: 45A
    • Controller Minimum Output Current: 2A
    • Front Wheel Diameter: 7.4‚Äù (Solid)
    • Rear Wheel Diameter: 7.4‚Äù (Solid)


  • How heavy is the Vive scooter?
  • The Vive mobility scooter weighs 77 pounds. The heaviest piece when disassembled for transportation is 29 pounds.

  • Can the Vive scooter make it over a 2‚Äù doorstep?
  • The Vive scooter has a ground clearance of 1.57‚Äù and will not be able to clear 2‚Äù doorsteps.

  • What type of battery does the scooter use?
  • The Vive scooter uses two, 12V/12AH batteries.

  • Can I drive through gravel with my Vive scooter?
  • Because gravel is uneven, the scooter is not recommended for gravel paths or driveway use.

  • Does this scooter beep when backing up?
  • No, the Vive scooter does not beep when in operating in reverse.

  • Will I be able to take the battery off of the scooter for charging?
  • Yes, the battery pack is removable for convenient off-board charging.

  • How does the scooter handle hills?
  • The Vive scooter is designed to safely handle inclines of 9 degrees or less.

  • Is the battery and charger included?
  • Yes! The Vive scooter includes a compatible battery pack and charger.

  • What is the weight limit for the Vive scooter?
  • The Vive scooter safely supports up to 265 pounds.

  • Does the scooter have a reverse for backing up?
  • Yes! The Vive scooter can be driven in reverse, perfect for backing out of elevators, hallways and similar areas.

  • Is the scooter easy to put together?
  • Yes! The Vive mobility scooter is easy to assemble, disassemble & use. No tools required.

  • Are the tires solid?
  • Yes, the flat-free tires are solid and non marking for safely navigating indoor surfaces.

  • Does the scooter include a front basket?
  • Yes! The Vive scooter includes a front basket that can be removed if desired.

  • How high is the scooter seat?
  • The scooter seat height is adjustable between 18.5‚Äù and 21.5‚Äù.