MOB1023BLK Carbon Fiber Quad Cane

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MOB1023BLK Carbon Fiber Quad Cane Black

Safely navigate over uneven surfaces, stairways and more with the support of the Vive carbon fiber cane. The ultra-lightweight cane provides extra stability while walking on grass, sand and gravel and is capped with nonslip tips for added traction on smooth surfaces such as hardwood, laminate and tile floors. Adjustable up to 36”, the durable quad cane features a reversible four-prong base and a contoured handle for an easy, secure grip for any hand size.


  • Ultra-Light Carbon Fiber

Constructed with ultra-light carbon fiber, the quad cane is exceptionally durable and weighs less than a pound. The lightweight cane supports up to 250 pounds and easily adjusts with a locking push pin from 26” to 36” in height for customizable mobility support.

  • Superior Stability On Any Surface

Safely navigate over any surface, indoors and out with the stable quad cane base. The carbon fiber cane features four, nonslip, non-marking caps to provide greater traction on smooth surfaces such as hardwood, laminate or tile floors as well as greater stability on uneven surfaces such as grass, sand, gravel or plush carpets. 

  • Reversible Four-Pronged Base

Easily switching from the left to the right side, the quad cane base locks into place to provide necessary support without interfering with a normal stride. The four-prong base also allows the cane to stand upright, yet it is compact enough to easily fit on stairs or in narrow passageways.

  • Contoured Comfort Grip

Fitted with a contoured hand grip to reduce hand and wrist fatigue, the cane handle creates a secure, yet comfortable grip perfect for daily use. 


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • Vive Carbon Fiber Quad Cane

  • Uses:

    • Ultralight walking aid for greater stability and traction

  • Material:

    • Carbon fiber

  • Dimensions:

    • Height: adjustable range from 26‚Äù to 36‚Äù in 1‚Äù increments

    • Base: 5.5‚Äù by 7‚Äô‚Äù

    • Handle: 5 ¬æ‚Äù by 1‚Äù

  • Weight Capacity:

    • 250 lbs