MOB1006 Walker Ski Glides

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MOB1006 Walker Ski Glides White

Walker Ski Glides by ViveSafely maneuver over any surface with the Vive walker ski glides. Compatible with most walkers, the glides reduce noise and provide additional stability when navigating rough or uneven surfaces. The scratch-resistant ski glides are durable for extensive use, indoors or out. This set also includes two felt covers for added protection against snags and scratches. Compatible With Most Walkers: Allowing for smooth, easy mobility, the Vive walker ski glides are universally designed to easily attach to most walker styles. The curved ski glides slide into place and adjust for a secure fit on most walker styles. Navigate over carpet, tile, pavement, or concrete without dragging your walker or using unsightly tennis balls. This set of two walker ski glides also includes two felt glide covers for indoor use.


  • Universal Compatibility for Easy Mobility
    Vive Walker Ski Glides are designed to seamlessly attach to a wide range of walker styles, facilitating smooth and easy mobility. The curved ski glides effortlessly adjust and securely fit into any walker's legs, allowing you to glide smoothly over various surfaces without the need for tennis balls.

  • Durable and Low-Noise Construction
    Crafted from robust composite material, these walker ski glides are built to last, enduring extensive use. The thick glides ensure durability and reduce noise, while being gentle on hard surfaces and carpets, preventing scratches and snags.

  • Versatile for Indoor and Outdoor Use
    Navigate indoors and outdoors confidently with these smooth walker ski glides. Ideal for concrete sidewalks, pavements, and blacktops, these scratch-resistant glides offer additional stability on any surface, enhancing your walking experience.

  • Enhanced Glide with Curved Tips and Felt Covers
    The curved ski tips effortlessly glide over door jams, rugs, and transitions from tile to carpet. Included felt glide covers offer extra protection indoors. These covers help prevent snags and scratches during the transition from outdoor to indoor surfaces.

  • Superior Alternative to Tennis Balls
    Vive Heavy Duty Walker Ski Glides are a superior choice compared to tennis balls for your walker. They provide a smoother glide, eliminating the need to lift the walker over bumps, thus reducing hand strain. Durable and discreet, they outlast and outperform neon-colored tennis balls.

  • Enhanced Walker Performance
    Glide effortlessly over various surfaces such as carpet, tile, pavement, or concrete with the curved ski glides. This set includes (2) walker ski glides, providing an enhanced walking experience with your walker.

  • Quick and Easy Installation
    Vive Walker Ski Glides are designed for universal compatibility and easy installation. The curved ski glides smoothly slide into place, securing firmly on any walker's leg, ensuring a hassle-free setup.

  • What’s Included
        • One pair (2) Skis Glides
        • One pair (2) Glide Covers
        • 60-day guarantee
  • Uses: Use any standard walker to safely maneuver over any indoor or outdoor surface. Protects flooring from nicks and scratches.
  • Fits most walkers with 1” legs
  • Materials: Durable composite plastic, Velour covers
  • Installation Instructions:
    1. Flip the walker over and remove the front or rear two rubber feet. Install it in the front of your walker does not have wheels. Install in the back if your walker has front wheels
    2. Insert the gliders into the walker's legs. The arrows on the glider should be pointing towards the direction of forwarding movement
    3. Use a Phillips screwdriver to expand or retract the diameter of the insert
    4. Tighten the screw until the gliders are secured to the leg
    5. Slide a cover over each glider


  • Do the walker ski glides fit all walkers?
  • Yes, the glides will fit any walker with legs that are 1 inch in diameter.
  • How do I install the walker ski glides?
  • The glides are very easily installed in just a couple of steps. Just remove the existing rubber feet either in the front or the back of the walker and insert the glides into each leg. Tighten with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • How do I install the fabric covers?
  • It’s very easy. Just slides the covers over the walker and glides.
  • Will the walker ski glides scratch my hardwood floors?
  • Sturdy fabric glide covers are included in your purchase to protect indoor surfaces like hardwood floors from scratches.
  • Can I install the walker ski glides on the front legs of my walker?
  • Yes, if your walker does not have wheels, you may install the slides on the front legs. Do not install the wheels on the back legs and the glides on the front legs.
  • Can I install the walker ski glides on the rear legs of my walker?
  • Yes, you may install the slides on the rear legs.
  • Are the glide covers anti-slip?
  • The covers are not fabricated to be anti-slip, rather they are designed to slide easily along surfaces without scratching or snagging.
  • What are the walker ski glides made of?
  • The glides are constructed from durable composite plastic.
  • What are the glide covers made of?
  • The covers are fabricated from velour.
  • Will the walker glides help me walk on the cracked pavement?
  • Yes, the glides will help keep you safe and stable indoors and out, even on uneven surfaces.
  • Will the walker glides reduce some of my walker noise?
  • Yes, the glides and covers will reduce noise as well as provide stability.
  • Are glides strong enough to last a long time?
  • Yes, the composite plastic is very durable and will withstand extended use. 
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