LVA2079BLK Sock Assist & Remover

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LVA2079BLK Sock Assist & Remover Black

Providing assistance for those with limited mobility and those recovering from surgery or injury, the Vive sock assist and remover allows socks and hosiery to be put on and taken off without painful bending, stretching or reaching. Featuring nonslip ridges to hold each sock in place and a built-in sock remover hook, the tapered sock aid can be used with any type of sock and accommodates most foot sizes and widths.


  • Easily Slide Socks On And Off

Eliminating painful bending and twisting, the Vive sock assist and remover allows you to easily slide socks and hosiery on and off. Perfect for those with limited mobility and those recovering from injury or surgery, the sock assist provides greater independence when dressing for the day.

  • Tapered Nonslip Design

Ensuring your socks are never stretched out, the sock assist features a patent-pending, tapered design that is ideal for compression socks. The sock assist also features ridges and cut-outs for holding the sock in place without sliding off.

  • Multi-Use Sock Remover Tool

A unique side hook allows socks and hosiery to be slid off of the foot with ease. With smooth, rounded edges, the durable composite material is safe for use with dress socks, athletics socks, compression socks and hosiery.

  • Long Loop For Smooth Pulling

The Vive sock assist and remover includes a long, 47.2” nylon strap for a smooth, complete pullover the heel of the foot and around the calf. The loop design allows the sock assist to be used single-handed if desired.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1pc sock assist & remover
      • Color(s): black plastic with teal fabric strap (319c)
      • Size(s): one size (might make a wider one in the future)
      • Product Dimensions: 30cm from bottom to the tip of the remover hook, 11.3cm at the widest part. 2.5mm thickness
        • 4.5" width
        • 11.7" length
        • 3" height
      • Product Weight: 0.4 lbs
      • Material(s): ABS plastic + Rubber tip
  • Latex free¬†
    • Care: wipe down with a damp cloth, dry immediately