LVA2078BRN Full Chair Incontinence Pads

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LVA2078BRN Full Chair Incontinence Pads Brown

Protecting recliners, lift chairs and chairs from accidents, pet hair and stains, the Sures full chair incontinence pad is a multilayered cover designed to absorb up to two cups of liquid. Featuring a nonslip base, armrest covers with integrated pockets, the leakproof recliner cover is sized to fit standard and oversized recliners, lift chairs and single chairs, providing maximum protection and peace of mind. The waterproof recliner pad is reusable and machine washable for easy cleaning.


  • Multilayer Furniture Protection
    Perfect for single and oversized recliners, lift chairs and more, the Sures full chair recliner cover provides complete coverage to protect your furniture from incontinence, spills, stains, pet accidents and hair. The multilayer chair cover is super absorbent and features a waterproof lining that keeps your recliner clean and dry.
  • Soft, Full Coverage Design
    Sized to fit most recliners and lift chairs, the recliner cover measures 26” wide at the head, seat and feet, with armrest covers that extend to 73.5”. The quilted chair cover is exceptionally soft and includes three convenient pockets on each flap for storing remote controls, glasses, electronic devices and more.
  • Leakproof Barrier
    Featuring five layers, the interior of the full chair cover is made with a non-woven blend that is highly absorbent and a waterproof layer that effectively captures accidents and spills. The base layer is also dotted with nonslip silicone grips to provide a secure fit on plush, microfiber and leather recliners.
  • Machine Washable
    Easy to clean, the reusable chair pad cover is machine washable, providing an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable chair covers.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1pc full chair incontinence pad
        • 1pc black adjustable¬† back strap
  • Color(s):
      • Brown
      • Gray
    • Size(s): one size
    • Product Dimensions: 73.5‚Äù x 77.5‚Äù