LVA2076BLK Phone Holder

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LVA2076BLK Phone Holder Black

Easily and securely keep your smartphone close at hand with the Vive phone holder. Designed to work with most knee walkers, electric mobility scooters, bikes and strollers, the smartphone holder features an adjustable band that wraps around the handlebar for a secure, nonslip fit. The versatile phone mount is made with a sturdy, easy to clean silicone and is sized to hold most cell phones.


  • Keep Your Phone Close at Hand
    Never miss a notification while digging in a pouch or pocket with the Vive phone holder. Designed to fit most mobility aid handles, strollers and bicycles, the phone holder keeps your phone easily accessible and clearly visible for viewing maps, messages and more. 
  • Sized to Hold Most Phones
    Maximizing visibility, the phone mount features nonslip corner slots to securely hold the phone steady and in place over uneven terrain. The phone holder accommodates most smartphones, including iPhone 12, Samsung Galaxy  S10,  measuring up to 6” by 3".
  • Easily Attaches to Handlebars
    Perfect for mobility scooters, knee scooters, walkers, rollators, strollers and bikes, the Vive phone holder securely attaches to any handlebar measuring 1.75” or less in diameter with an adjustable band.
  • Strong Silicone Construction
    The smartphone handlebar mount is made with a strong silicone material that is shock-absorbing and prevents surface scratches on the phone and mobility aid.

  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included
      • Vive Phone Holder
      • 60-day guarantee
    • Uses: For mounting a smartphone on a mobility scooter, knee walker, rollator, bicycle, stroller, or shopping cart
    • Dimensions: 3‚Äù x 5.5‚Äù x 1.5‚Äù
    • Max. Phone Size: 6‚Äù by 3‚Äù
    • Max. Handlebar Diameter: 1.75‚Äù
    • Material: Silicone


  • Will I be able to capture video if my phone is in the phone holder?
  • Yes! The Vive phone holder leaves the camera lens uncovered to capture images and video while the phone is placed in the holder.

  • Does the Vive phone holder rotate?
  • The Vive phone mount holds the phone in a fixed position and does not rotate.

  • Will this phone mount work with an iPhone 12?
  • Yes! The Vive phone mount is sized to hold an iPhone 12, however, the Pro versions do not fit the phone mount.

  • What size handlebar will the phone mount attach to?
  • The adjustable phone mount easily adjusts to fit handlebar sizes up to 1.75‚Äù in diameter.

  • Can I use this phone holder on a curved handlebar?
  • Yes, the adjustable band will easily secure to straight or gently curved handlebars.

  • Can I use the phone mount when my phone is in a case?
  • Yes, the phone mount can be used with a case as long as the dimensions do not exceed 6‚Äù by 3‚Äù.

  • What is the Vive phone mount made of?
  • The Vive phone mount is made with strong silicone.

  • Will the phone holder fit my road bike?
  • Yes, the phone holder works well for bikes, adjusting to fit handlebars with a diameter of 1.75‚Äù or less.

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