LVA2066NKLL Textured Metal Grab Bar

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LVA2066NKLL Textured Metal Grab Bar 24" Nickel

Introducing our Safe Bathroom Support - a textured grab bar designed to provide stabilizing assistance in showers or tubs, catering specifically to the elderly and those with limited mobility. Crafted from strong stainless steel, this grab bar can support up to 440 pounds, ensuring exceptional durability and safety. Installation is a breeze with the included mounting hardware, suitable for various wall types. The sleek brushed nickel finish, complemented by decorative flanges, offers a clean and stylish look while allowing versatile positioning—vertical, horizontal, or diagonal—for optimal support in any indoor setting. Choose safety and style with our textured grab bar.


  • Safe Bathroom Support

Providing stabilizing support, the texture grab bar is perfect for aiding the elderly and those with limited mobility in the shower or tub

  • Strong Stainless Steel

Supporting up to 440 pounds, the textured grab bar is constructed with stainless steel for exceptional durability

  • Simple Installation

Safely install the textured grab bar with included mounting hardware on fiberglass, acrylic, ceramic tile, drywall and plaster walls

  • Clean And Stylish

Finished in a sleek, brushed nickel, the textured grab bar features decorative flanges to conceal mounting hardware for a clean, stylish appearance

  • Versatile Positioning
    Easily position the metal grab bar vertically, horizontally or diagonally for optimal support in any indoor area


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • Vive Textured Grab Bar
        • 6pc -- 2‚Äù stainless steel mounting pan head screws
        • 6pc -- Screw Anchors
      • Uses:For assisting with balance and stability in the bathtub or shower
      • Materials:
        • Stainless steel
        • 2‚Äù Screws
        • Composite wall anchors
      • Sizes:
        • 12‚Äù Grab bar- 15.11‚Äù end to end when installed with decorative flanges
        • 16‚Äù Grab bar- 19.11‚Äù end to end when installed with decorative flanges
        • 24‚Äù Grab bar- 27.11‚Äù end to end when installed with decorative flanges
        • Grab bar diameter: 1.25‚Äù
        • Flange diameter: 3.11‚Äù
        • Distance from wall to the grab bar when installed: 2.8‚Äù
  • Care Instructions:
      • Wipe down with a damp cloth and a mild disinfectant solution or disinfectant wipe
      • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth