LVA2063PGR Wireless Alarm Pager Replacement

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LVA2063PGR Wireless Alarm Pager Replacement

Confidently and safely monitor patients and loved ones with the wireless pager. Providing real-time alerts, the wireless pager pairs with up to ten devices, such as a bed sensor pad, chair alarm or door alarm, allowing for immediate assistance. The pager features a large stop button to silence all notifications and also has three alert settings, including a vibrating mode, audible chime mode and a combination of both. Compact for easy portability, the wireless receiver includes a lanyard and a belt clip.


  • Convenient Remote Monitoring

Safely and conveniently monitor loved ones and patients with the Vive wireless pager. A great addition to fall management plans, the pager provides real-time alerts, enabling caregivers to respond promptly, minimizing the risk of falls, injury and hazardous wandering. The compact pager has a range of up to 150 feet in an open area, allowing caregivers and loved ones greater independence and security.

  • Connect Up To Ten Devices

Programmable to a maximum of ten wireless devices, the pager is compatible with all Vive Health alarms, including the bed, chair and floor sensor pads, the call button, and door and window alarms. Each device is assigned an alarm number which will be displayed on the receiver screen for easily locating those who need assistance.

  • Three Notification Settings

The versatile pager features three notification settings with an adjustable volume level. Settings include an audible chime, a silent vibration or a combination of audible chime and vibration. Alerts are also displayed on the large screen in addition to a battery and volume indicator.  Quickly and easily silence alarms with the oversized stop button located on the front of the pager.

  • Compact Design

Easily portable, the wireless receiver includes an integrated belt clip and a 15” lanyard. The compact design also easily slips in a pocket if necessary.


  • What's included
      • Vive Wireless Pager with belt clip
      • 15‚Äù lanyard
      • Two AA batteries
    • Dimensions: 3‚Äù x 2.5‚Äù x 1.5‚Äù
    • Uses: For remote monitoring of patients or loved ones when paired with a chair sensor pad, bed sensor pad, floor mat, and other devices.