LVA2063CHR Wireless Chair Alarm and Pager

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LVA2063CHR Wireless Chair Alarm and Pager

Feel confident while monitoring loved ones or patients with a wireless chair alarm. Connecting to a variety of devices for convenience and caregiver peace of mind, the chair alarm provides instant alerts to enable immediate assistance for loved ones and patients with mobility issues, balance issues and more. Sealed to protect against incontinence, dust and dirt, the antimicrobial sensor pad is constructed with a soft, latex-free vinyl for hassle-free cleaning. The sensor pad also includes a wireless transmitter with custom delay settings that is easy to sync with a pager or door light.


  • Monitor Loved Ones Or Patients Remotely

Providing instant remote alerts when a loved one or patient begins to exit a chair, the Vive wireless chair alarm enables caregivers to provide immediate assistance, reducing falls, minimizing wandering and preventing injuries.  With a range of up to 150 feet, the wireless alarm system provides greater independence for caregivers, patients and loved ones alike.

  • Easy Set Up

Easy to setup, the sensor pad connection is wireless for ultimate convenience. The portable system is easily transferred between standard chairs, sofas and wheelchairs for use in a variety of locations and settings. The alarm is easily reset by re-applying pressure to the sensor pad or turning off the alarm setting manually.

  • Comfortable Waterproof Pad

The antimicrobial waterproof pad measures 29.5” x 10” and is sealed for complete incontinence protection. The soft, latex-free vinyl pad can easily be wiped down with a damp cloth if soiled.  For patient comfort, light blankets or sheets can be used on top of the sensor pad without compromising its effectiveness.

  • Versatile Transmitter
  • The wireless transmitter can be connected to a variety of devices for caregiver peace of mind. Easily connects to the Vive wireless pager, which is sold separately, a door light alarm or a nurse call button.¬† Multiple delay settings allow the transmitter to be customized with up to four seconds of delay, reducing alarms due to restlessness and repositioning.


  • What‚Äôs Included
  • Vive Wireless Chair Alarm Sensor Pad
  • Wireless sensor pad transmitter
  • Alarm Pager with belt clip
      • Uses: For remote monitoring in a chair or wheelchair
      • Dimensions: 14‚Äù x 9.8‚Äù
      • Materials: Latex-free vinyl
      • Pager Power: two AA batteries
      • Transmitter Power: AAA batteries