LVA2059BLK10 Zipper Pull

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LVA2059BLK10 Zipper Pull 10 PAK Black

Easy to attach to any existing zipper or slider, the Vive zipper pulls are perfect for creating longer, easier to pull zippers for those with arthritis, weak grip strength or limited mobility in their hands. The zipper pulls are made with a strong, textured material that provides a secure, easy grip. Great for suitcases, coats and jackets, clothing, backpacks, totes and more, the zipper pull set can also be used to replace broken and missing zippers.


  • Easily Replace Broken Zipper Pulls

Ideal for replacing missing or broken zipper pulls, the Vive zipper pull pack is also great for lengthening existing zippers to make them easier to grasp. The zipper pulls are easy to install by looping through the existing zipper or slider.

  • Easy To Grip

Lightly textured to prevent slipping, the Vive zipper pulls are uniquely shaped for an easy, secure grip. The long zipper pulls make zipping and unzipping smooth and easy.

  • Use With Any Zipper

Great for those with arthritis, weak grip strength or limited hand mobility, the easy zipper pulls work with any zipper. Use the black zipper pulls on clothing, jackets, backpacks, luggage, purses and more.

  • Durable 10-Piece Set

Made with a strong composite material for everyday use, the zipper pull set includes 10 zipper pulls for use on a variety of items.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • Includes 10 or 20 Zipper Pulls¬†

  • Color(s): Black¬†

  • Size(s): 1 Size

  • Product Dimensions: 61.85 MM x 8.92 MM (2.44 x 0.35 Inch)¬†

  • Product Weight: .0288 oz¬† (0.00180 Lbs)¬†¬†

  • Material(s): 100% Polyester Strap, 100% Polypropylene hand pull

  • Latex free Yes