LVA2053PAK2 Folding Suction Reacher Grabber 2 Pack

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LVA2053PAK2 Folding Suction Reacher Grabber 2 Pack

Featuring a unique locking hinge and strong suction cup tips, the folding suction reacher extends your reach by 32” to easily pick up dropped items or retrieve items from the top shelf. Constructed with durable aluminum, the rotating reacher is exceptionally lightweight and corrosion-resistant for safe indoor/outdoor use. Perfect for the elderly and those with limited mobility, back pain and arthritis, the folding suction reacher allows you to easily change lightbulbs, safely retrieve smooth, slippery objects and even clear the yard of litter and debris. The unique suction reacher easily folds in half for compact storage and portability and securely locks in place with a simple push button to safely support items up to five pounds.


  • Reach 32‚Äù Farther

Ideal for reaching behind furniture and appliances, picking up dropped items and accessing high shelving, the Vive folding suction reacher grabber provides an additional 32” of reach. The reacher is perfect for those recovering from injury or surgery, effectively minimizing bending and twisting to reach everyday objects.

  • Compact Folding Design

Easily folding in half for compact storage and easy portability, the patented folding suction reacher features a unique hinge that locks into place with a simple push-button. The suction reacher is made with a durable, yet lightweight aluminum for extensive use indoors and out.

  • Secure Suction Cup Tips

Tipped with strong rubber suction cups, the suction reacher grabber provides a secure grip on any item, including smooth or slippery objects like glass or metal, without damaging the surface. The wide leaf-style jaws close tight enough to retrieve dropped coins or pills with ease and gentle enough to use to change lightbulbs.

  • Ergonomic Trigger Handle

Contoured to fit in either hand, the folding reacher grabber features a trigger-style grip that is ergonomically designed for a secure, yet comfortable grip.  


  • What‚Äôs Included:¬†

    • reacher

  • Color(s): black and grey

  • Product Weight: 0.5lbs

  • Material(s): plastic, aluminum, steel

  • Latex free: yes