LVA2040GRY Chair Incontinence Pads

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LVA2040GRY Chair Incontinence Pads Grey

Protecting seats from accidents and stains, the Sures chair incontinence pad is multilayered to absorb up to two cups of liquid. Featuring a nonslip, waterproof base, the leakproof seat cover is sized to fit any seat, wheelchair, sofa or recliner, providing protection and peace of mind. The waterproof chair pad is reusable and machine washable for easily cleaning as needed.


  • Multilayer Waterproof Protection

Ideal for protecting chair seats, car seats, wheelchairs, sofas and recliners, the Sures chair incontinence pads are super absorbent and backed with a waterproof barrier to keep the surface dry and free from stains. The reusable chair pad is exceptionally soft and great for protecting furniture from incontinence, spills and pets.

  • Leakproof Barrier

Featuring four layers, the middle layers are made with a high-density polyester and rayon blend that is highly absorbent, effectively retaining accidents and spills. The base layer is nonslip and waterproof to provide added protection and stability.

  • Machine Washable

Easy to clean, the reusable chair pad is machine washable, providing an economical and environmentally-friendly alternative to disposable chair covers.

  • Use On Any Seat

Sized at 22” by 21”, the Sures waterproof chair pad is perfectly sized to fit wheelchair seats, car seats, sofas and recliners. Lightweight, the chair pad is easily portable for use at home and while traveling.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • 1pc chair incontinence pad

  • Color(s):¬†

    • Gray ( we are requesting a sample of thiss)

    • Brown (we have this sample here)

  • Size(s): 21.25‚Äù x 22.25‚Äù

  • Product Dimensions: 56.5cm (22.25‚Äù) x 54cm (21.25‚Äù)

  • Product Weight: 280grams

  • Material(s):¬†

    • Layer 1: 330gsm Polyester gray velvet.¬†

    • Layer 2: 120gsm Polyester wadding

    • Layer 3: 230gsm Polyester, rayon soakers

    • Layer 4: 90gsm Polyester brush composited with TPU

  • Care: Machine wash cold with like colors, machine dry low. Do NOT bleach.

  • The absorption capacity of the chair pad 22"x21" is about 400~450ml. (normal warm water - we are testing with saline water now)

  • Non-slip on the bottom to prevent slipping

  • Will not protect against dust mites

  • Uses

    • Chair Seat Protector Pad

    • For pets / protection

    • Beds / small children

    • Elderly

  • Fits on

    • Wheelchairs

    • Chairs

    • Sofas

    • Recliners

    • Car Seats