LVA2038BLK CPAP Neck Pad

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LVA2038BLK CPAP Neck Pad Black

Relieving pressure, irritation and unsightly red marks, the Vive CPAP neck pad provides soft cushioning the headgear straps at the base of the neck and along the bottom straps. Easy to install, the neck pad cover is trimmable for a customized fit on any CPAP or BiPAP mask. The headgear cover is made with an ultra-soft fleece that wicks away moisture for all-night comfort and is machine washable.


  • Relieves Discomfort, Irritation And Red Marks
    Created with soft fleece, the Vive CPAP neck pad cushions and protects the face and neck, allowing you to tighten the headgear straps to ensure a proper fit without compromising comfort. The cushioning neck pad reduces discomfort, pressure and irritation and minimizes red marks caused by CPAP headgear straps.

  • Soft, Breathable Fleece
    Exceptionally soft, the washable CPAP neck pad and strap cover is made with a thick polyester blend. The fleece fabric is also breathable, wicking away moisture for greater comfort throughout the night.

  • Compatible With Most Headgear
    Designed to fit most full-face CPAP and BiPAP masks, the soft neck pad is easy to install with a strong fastener system. The neck pad can also be trimmed for a customizable fit on smaller CPAP masks.

  • Machine Washable
    Made with an easy-care polyester blend, the CPAP neck pad is machine washable for greater convenience.

  • Vive Guarantee
    30 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • Vive CPAP Neck Pad

    • 30 day guarantee

  • Uses:

    • For relieving pressure, irritation and discomfort caused by CPAP and BiPAP headgear straps

    • Minimizes red marks on the face and neck

  • Dimensions: 19.75‚Äù by 7‚Äù by 0.28‚Äù

  • Materials:

    • Latex-free polyester

    • Spandex

    • nylon blend

    • Fastener material

  • Care Instructions:

    • Machine washable with like colors

    • Allow to air dry completely before use


  • Will the Vive CPAP neck pad fit my Resmed mask?

Yes! The CPAP neck pad cover is designed to fit most full-face masks and is trimmable if necessary.

  • Is the CPAP neck pad machine washable?

Yes, the neck pad is machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • What is the Vive CPAP neck pad made of?

The Vive CPAP neck pad is made with a soft polyester blend.

  • Will the neck pad get hot on the back of my neck?

The Vive CPAP neck pad is made with a breathable material that allows heat to dissipate to stay cool and comfortable throughout the night.

  • Can I use the neck pad on my BiPAP mask?

Yes! The Vive neck pad is designed to work with both CPAP and BiPAP full-face masks.

  • Does the neck pad feel like fleece?

Yes, the neck pad is made with a fleece polyester blend for exceptional cushioning and comfort.

  • How long is the neck pad cover?

The Vive CPAP neck pad cover measures 19.75” and is trimmable for a customizable fit on smaller headgear straps.

  • Will this cushion the cheek straps as well?

Yes! The neck pad cover wraps around the bottom strap of the full-face mask, cushioning the back of the neck and cheeks.

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Product Number: LVA2038BLK

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