LVA2031BLK CPAP Strap Covers

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LVA2031BLK CPAP Strap Covers Black

Used to reduce irritation caused by CPAP headgear.


  • Eliminate Strap Marks And Lines

Cushioning your mask straps, the Vive CPAP strap covers eliminate the formation of unsightly red marks and lines on your face

  • Reduces Irritation And Pressure

Preventing skin irritation, friction, and pressure sores, the comfortable strap covers allow you to rest easy with your headgear in place

  • Maximum Strap Coverage

Sized at 5.5”, the soft strap cover set provides maximum coverage for most CPAP and BiPAP masks including DreamWear, ComfortGel, and AirFit

  • Soft And Breathable

Exceptionally soft, the CPAP strap covers are lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking for greater comfort

  • Machine Washable

Each cover is made with a washable polyester fleece material for easy cleaning

  • Set Of Two

Includes two CPAP strap covers that wrap around face mask straps and are secured with a strong fastener system


  • What‚Äôs Included: 4 CPAP strap covers

  • Color(s): Black

  • Size(s): One size

  • Product Dimensions:¬†

    • 5.5 x 4.25 x 0.25 in. (unfolded)

    • 5.5 x 1.6875 x 1 in. (folded without being compressed)

    • 13 mm. Diameter of opening (without stretching)

    • 37 mm. Diameter (when fully stretched)

  • Product Weight: ¬†0.0232 lbs. (1x)¬†

  • Material(s): polyester

  • Latex free: yes

  • Care: hand-wash or machine-wash the cover using cold water and mild soap


  • What are the Vive CPAP strap covers made of?

The Vive CPAP strap covers are made with ultra-soft polyester.

  • Do these strap covers slip on my face mask straps?

The Vive strap covers are lined with a fastener material so they can be opened up completely and wrapped around the mask straps.

  • How many strap covers will I receive?

This set of Vive CPAP strap covers includes two covers.

  • Can I use these on the upper and lower straps?

Yes, the strap covers are designed for use on either the upper or lower mask straps.

  • Are the Vive CPAP strap covers latex-free?

Yes! The strap covers are latex-free and made with soft polyester material and hook and loop fastener material.

  • Will these strap covers prevent big indents on my face in the morning?

Yes, the Vive CPAP strap covers are designed to cushion each headgear strap, lessening or eliminating indents and red lines.

  • Are the straps covered padded?

The strap covers are not padded but are layered to provide a cushioned feel.

  • Can I clean the Vive strap covers in my washing machine?

Yes! The Vive strap covers are machine washable for easy cleaning.

  • Will these headgear straps cover work on my AirFit mask?

Yes! The Vive strap cover is designed to fit most CPAP and BiPAP masks including AirFit, AirTouch, Amara, DreamWear, and ComfortGel.

UPC: 818323029543

Product Number: LVA2031BLK

Shipping Weight: 0.11 pounds