LVA2026WHT Water Flosser

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LVA2026WHT Water Flosser White

Making daily flossing easier and more effective, the Vive Dental water flosser effectively removes plaque and bacteria as well as food residue from between the teeth to promote good oral health. The waterproof water flosser features three modes for a personalized experience,  a large, detachable water tank for easy filling and cleaning and four interchangeable nozzles for versatile use. Cordless and rechargeable, the Vive Dental water flosser is lightweight, user-friendly and easy to maneuver to effectively clean the entire gum line.


  • Three Effective Flosser Modes

Deeply cleaning your teeth and gums the Vive Dental water flosser removes bacteria and plaque to promote good oral health and fresher breath. The water flosser Includes one massage mode for stimulating the gums and two cleaning modes, standard and gentle to meet various oral care needs. The water flosser is ideal for those with braces and other oral appliances.

  • Easy To Fill Reservoir

Detachable for easy filling, emptying and cleaning the water flosser tank holds up to 200mL of water for nonstop flossing. The water flosser and reservoir are leakproof with a secure seal for added safety.

  • Four Rotatable Nozzles

Color-coded, the Vive Dental water flosser includes four nozzles with 360° rotating bases for effectively cleaning every area. The set includes two jet tips for general flossing, cleaning and massaging, one orthodontic jet tip for use with braces and other oral appliances and a tongue cleaner tip to remove bacteria and sulfur compounds that contribute to bad breath.

  • Rechargeable Ipx7 Design
    Waterproof for safe use in the bathroom or shower, the Vive Dental water flosser is lightweight and easily portable for travel and on the go use. The cordless design is rechargeable and includes a USB charging cable.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

    • Main body

    • Reservoir

    • 2 jet tips

    • 1 orthodontic tip

    • 1 tongue cleaner tip

    • adapter

  • Color(s): white

  • Size(s): one size

  • Product Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 2.5 in.

  • Product Weight: 0.523 lbs.

  • Material(s): ABS

  • Latex free: Yes