LVA2012 Body Scrubbing Set

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LVA2012 Body Scrubbing Set Beige

Easily cleanse and exfoliating the skin while bathing or showering with the Vive body scrubbing set. This three piece set includes, one ramie belt scrubber for reaching the entire back and other hard to reach areas, a jute scrubber with an integrated soap pocket and an oval loofah pad. Each scrubber also includes a soft linen side to safely cleanse sensitive skin. Easy to clean, each body scrubber has a hanging loop for convenient storage while drying.


  • Cleanse, Exfoliate And Refresh: Providing an at-home spa experience, the Vive body scrubbing set includes a long back scrubber for cleansing hard to reach areas and two dual-sided scrubbers each made with a different material for varying degrees of exfoliation. The scrubbers also feature secure soap pockets, hand straps or handles for greater convenience while bathing or showering.
  • Dual-Sided Jute Scrubber: Sized to cover a medium to large size area, the hand pad measures 6.5‚Äù by 4.75‚Äù. Dual-sided, the large scrubber features a rough jute material on one side, a soft linen material on the opposite side and a flexible hand strap. Slip a bar of soap into the secure pocket for easy use while bathing or showering.
  • Ramie Back Scrubber: Featuring two handles, the belt-style back scrubber measures 35‚Äù in length and 5‚Äù in width for full back coverage. The ramie belt allows you to easily cleanse hard to reach areas and includes a secure soap pocket. One side of the belt scrubber is made with a medium-coarse blend in ramie loops for effectively removing dead skin cells. The opposite side of the belt is made with soft linen, ideal for sensitive skin types.¬†
  • Oval Loofah Pad: Made with a coarse loofah, the oval pad is perfectly sized to target rough patches of skin. The oval scrubber includes a hand strap for ease of use while showering and a hanging loop for convenient storage.
  • Vive Guarantee: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:

o   1pc long back scrubber (Ramie Belt) (soft)

o   1pc Jute soap bag (semi coarse)

o   1pc loofah pad (coarse)

  • Color(s): all light brown colors
  • Size(s): One size of each¬†
  • Uses

o   Cleaning 

o   Exfoliation / polish skin

o   For use in shower


  • Are the hand scrubbers safe to use on my face?
    Yes! Each scrubber has a soft linen side that is safe for the delicate skin on the face and neck, however, the jute, ramie and loofah materials are designed for exfoliating the body only.
  • Can I wash the body scrubbers?
    Yes, the body hand and back scrubbers can be hand washed in warm water with a mild soap or detergent. Hang to dry.
    • Do the hand scrubbers have straps to hold them?
      Yes! The jute scrubber pad and the oval loofah pad each have a flexible hand strap for greater convenience.
    • Do you use the exfoliating pads while wet?
      Yes, the body scrubbing pads are ideal for cleansing and exfoliating the skin while bathing or showering.
    • How long is the back scrubber?
      The Vive back scrubber measures 35” in length. The insert containing the coarse ramie material for exfoliating the skin measures 14”.
    • Does the back scrubber have handles?
      Yes! The ramie belt-style back scrubber has two handles for easily targeting hard to reach areas.
    • Does the back scrubber hold a bar of soap?
      Yes! The back scrubber includes a soap pocket for greater convenience.
    • Can the back scrubber be used on the arms and legs too?
      Yes! The back scrubber belt can be used to clean any hard to reach area.
    • What are the dimensions of the Jute hand mitt?
      The square jute mitt measures 6.5” by 4.75” and includes a soap pocket, hand strap and hanging loop.
    • What are the dimensions of the oval loofah?
      The oval loofah pad measures 6.5” by 4.375” and includes a hand strap and hanging loop.
    • ¬†Is the body scrubbing set safe for sensitive skin?
      Each piece of the Vive body scrubbing set features a soft linen side that is safe for sensitive skin, however, every skin type is different and care must be taken to not irritate the skin.

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