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LVA2004GW Ultrasonic Cleaner Gray White

Safely clean jewelry, watchbands, rings, eyewear and more with the Vive Ultra Cleaner. The ultra cleaner uses ultrasonic waves to create millions of microscopic bubbles. These water bubbles burst, lifting dirt, grime and debris from delicate items without scrubbing or harsh cleaning solutions. Easy to use, the cleaner includes a multipurpose basket with a removable watch stand to safely secure small items such as coins, keys, rings, necklaces, watches and more for a gentle, yet effective deep cleaning.


  • Safely Clean Delicate Items
    Combining water with powerful ultrasonic waves, the Vive Ultrasonic cleaner safely and effectively removes dirt and debris from delicate objects such as jewelry, rings, glasses, watch bands, dental appliances and more. The microscopic bubbles lift dirt away without harsh chemicals or intensive scrubbing, restoring shine and a like-new appearance to highly-detailed items.

  • Powerful Ultrasonic Waves
    Utilizing 42,000 Hz ultrasonic waves, the jewelry cleaner creates millions of microscopic bubbles. As the bubbles expand and burst, they lift dirt and debris from small, detailed objects and delicate items. For additional cleaning power, a mild dishwashing liquid, denture cleaner or other mild cleaning solution can be added to the water.

  • Generous Tank Capacity
    Constructed with a durable metal interior, the Ultra cleaner water tank holds up to 600mL to easily hold a variety of small items at once. The jewelry cleaner includes a cleaning basket for securing small items and a removable watch stand.

  • Simple One Touch Operation
    Featuring an auto-off function, the Vive ultrasonic jewelry cleaner provides a full three minutes of gentle, deep cleaning. A single button starts and stops the cleaning action for quick bursts of cleaning when a shorter cleaning time is recommended.

  • Vive Guarantee
    One year guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


What’s Included:

  • Vive Ultrasonic Cleaner

  • Multipurpose basket

  • Watch stand

  • One year guarantee


  • Safely and effectively clean delicate objects such as dentures, jewelry, watches, coins, watchbands and glasses


  • Base: 5‚Äù by 5.5‚Äù by 8‚Äù

  • Multipurpose basket: 1.5‚Äù by 3‚Äù by 6‚Äù

Care Instruction:

  • Empty tank of water completely

  • Dry immediately with a lint-free cloth


  • Does the Ultra Cleaner have a timer?

Vive Ultra Cleaner utilizes a three-minute cleaning cycle, however, it can be stopped mid-cycle by pressing the button a second time.

  • Could I use this to clean my contact cases?
    Yes! The ultra cleaner will safely clean dirt and grime from contact lens cases.

  • Is the cleaning basket metal?
    The multipurpose cleaning basket is made with a composite material.

  • Can I use regular tap water?
    Yes! Tap water is suitable for use in the Ultra Cleaner.

  • Can I add dish soap to the ultrasonic cleaner?
    Yes, it is safe to add up to two teaspoons of mild soap, denture cleaner or other soft cleaning agents to the water.

  • What size is the Ultrasonic Cleaner tank?
    The tank size is 600mL.

  • What are the dimensions of the cleaning basket?
    The cleaning basket is 1.5” deep, 3” wide and 6” in length.

  • Is this a safe cleaner for jewelry?
    Yes! The Ultra Cleaner is perfect for cleaning detailed, delicate jewelry and costume jewelry with the exception of pearls, opals and other porous stones.

  • Will the cleaning basket hold a full set of dentures?
    Yes! The multipurpose basket is large enough to hold a full set of dentures for cleaning.

  • Can I clean total different items at the same time?
    Yes! The Vive ultrasonic cleaner can be used to clean multiple items at the same time.

  • Why do I need a watch stand?
    The watch stand should be used to keep the face of the watch out of the water for safe cleaning.

  • Will the ultra cleaner safely clean my prescription glasses?
    Yes! The Vive Ultra Cleaner is perfect for gently, yet effectively cleaning prescription eyewear.

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