LVA1070S Toilet Seat Riser

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LVA1070S Toilet Seat Riser White Standard

An easy to install bathroom safety solution, the Vive toilet seat riser with removable handles securely attaches to any elongated toilet seat providing 3.5” of added height. Great for those recovery for surgery or injury, the elderly and those with limited mobility the elevated toilet seat assists individuals when sitting or standing.


  • Enhanced Toilet Height
    Easily fit under an existing elongated toilet seat, this toilet seat riser elevates by 3.5”, promoting comfortable sitting and standing without excessive bending. Ideal for enhancing bathroom safety for the elderly, individuals with limited mobility, and those in post-surgery recovery.
  • Effortless Tool-Free Setup
    Effortlessly install this riser under any elongated toilet seat using the included screws and washers, all without the need for tools. The interior lip ensures a secure attachment, preventing slips and ensuring a safe seat.
  • Comfortable Grip Assistance
    Enjoy additional support while sitting or standing with removable handles featuring soft foam hand grips for a comfortable hold. These handles offer a nonslip surface, aiding in a secure and stable grip. If desired, they can be easily removed, providing a generous 22” width between them.
  • Robust Composite Build
    Built to last, this durable composite toilet seat elevator can support up to 300 pounds and is resistant to splitting, ensuring extended usability. Maintenance is a breeze; wipe it down with regular household disinfectants or sanitizing wipes. The handles, made of corrosion-resistant aluminum, are also easy to clean with traditional bathroom disinfectants.

  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • Raised toilet seat with removable handles
        • 2pc - 6.125‚Äù long screws (Flathead)
        • 2pc round plastic washers (1.18‚Äù outer diameter)
        • 2pc round metal washers (0.95‚Äù outer diameter)
        • 2pc butterfly nuts
  • Uses: Adds height to the toilet seat for stability and to reduce bending and twisting
  • Dimensions For Standard Seat:
        • Length of seat from front to back: 17.25‚Äù
        • Length of seat inside from front to back: 11.25"
        • Width of seat from left to right: 13.89‚Äù
        • Width of seat inside from left to right: 10.25‚Äù
        • Height of seat: 3.5‚Äù
        • Thickness of seat: 2‚Äù
        • Handle width: 22‚Äù
        • Handle length: 12.5‚Äù
        • Distance between handles: 19"
  • Dimensions For Elongated Seat:
        • Length of seat from front to back: 19.25‚Äù
        • Length of seat inside from front to back: 13.25"
        • Width of seat from left to right: 13.75‚Äù
        • Width of seat inside from left to right: 10‚Äù
        • Height of seat: 3.5‚Äù
        • Thickness of seat: 2‚Äù
        • Handle width: 21.25‚Äù
        • Handle length: 14.5‚Äù
        • Distance between handles: 19"
  • Materials:
        • Composite
        • Aluminum
        • EVA foam
  • How To Attach Removable Handles:
        • Find the right side handle marked with an ‚ÄúR‚Äù and a blue arrow. The left side handle is marked with an ‚ÄúL‚Äù and a red arrow
        • Slide each arm into the seat by pressing the brass pin on the arm and sliding each arm into position. Make sure the pin is facing out
        • You will hear a click and see the pin emerge through the positioning hole when the arm is in place
  • How To Install:
        • Remove the existing toilet seat and lid from the toilet
        • Place the toilet seat riser on the rim of the toilet and center as necessary. Make sure the lip underneath the riser is inside the bowl
        • Attach the original toilet seat and lid on top of the toilet seat riser using the included hardware. Thread the screws through the holes in the back of the seat. The plastic washers are placed on the top of the screw and the metal washers are placed on the bottom. Tighten each screw with the butterfly nuts
  • Care Instructions: Wipe down seat riser and handles with a traditional disinfectant solution
  • FAQs

  • How wide is the toilet elevator?
  • The raised toilet seat is 13.89‚Äù wide and the distance between the removable handles is 19‚Äù wide.

  • Does this riser sit under a regular toilet seat?
  • Yes! This riser can be installed under a regular toilet seat.

  • Does this only fit on standard toilets?
  • The raised toilet seat is available for both standard and elongated toilets.

  • How do I know if my toilet is standard or elongated?
  • Standard toilets are more circular and length and width measurements will be very close. Elongated toilets are more oval in appearance. The length of an elongated toilet will be several inches longer than the width.¬†

  • Will this work with my kohler toilet?
  • Yes, the riser can be used with any standard size toilet.

  • How high are the handles from the seat base?
  • The removable handles are 9.5‚Äù high from the toilet rim.

  • Can I use it without the handles?
  • Yes! The handles are optional and can be removed by pushing the locking pins and pulling the arms out of the base.

  • What is the maximum weight limit?
  • The riser safely supports up to 300 pounds.

  • Does the seat riser come with toilet seat and lid?
  • No, purchase only includes riser. You should attach your existing seat & lid to top of riser

  • Can this be used alone, without a regular toilet seat?
  • Yes! The raised toilet seat can be used alone.

  • How do I clean it?
  • The riser and handles can be wiped down with a traditional disinfectant solution.

    UPC: 818323021301 (Standard); 8323021295 (Elongated)

    Product Number: LVA1071S (Standard); LVA1071E (Elongated)

    Shipping Weight: 5.5 - 5.8 pounds