CSH1006GRY Knee Walker Pad

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CSH1006GRY Knee Walker Pad Grey

Supplying a soft cushion, the Vive knee walker pad cover reduces friction, irritation and pressure by cushioning and supporting the knee and lower leg with a resilient foam layer and soft sheepette material. Easy to install on any knee walker, the non-slip faux sheepskin cover protects the walker platform from everyday wear and tear.


  • Soft Faux Sheepskin
    Plush, faux sheepskin material comfortably cushions the knee without irritating the skin and allows air to circulate freely around the knee and lower leg. The soft knee pad cover includes an additional layer of foam padding to effectively reduce fatigue and provide exceptional comfort throughout the day. 
  • Relieves Pain And Pressure
    Supplying an extra layer of soft cushioning, the plush knee walker cover also has a resilient foam layer to evenly distribute the pressure on the knee and lower leg for all day comfort. Evenly distributing the pressure created from kneeling on the knee pad greatly reduces pain and fatigue in the hip, knee and leg. 
  • Easily Attaches To Most Walker
    Securing the soft platform cover to most knee walker models is made easy with the adjustable fastening straps and stretchable elastic bottom. The non-slip cover firmly stays in place, reducing friction and preventing injuries while protecting the knee walker pad from everyday wear and tear.
  • Machine Washable
    Easy to clean, the sheepette cover is machine washable with like colors and fluffed dry on low heat. 
  • Vive Guarantee
    60 day unconditional guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence.


  • What‚Äôs Included:
        • 1pc knee walker pad
        • 1pc 3.5cm (1.39‚Äù) memory foam pad
  • Color(s):
        • White -¬†
        • Black -¬†
        • Blue 288c
        • Gray (cool gray 8c)
        • Pink (2039u)
      • Size(s): one size
      • Product Dimensions:
        • Length: 16‚Äù
        • Width: 8.5‚Äù
        • Depth: 4.5‚Äù
      • Product Weight: 0.7 lbs
      • Material(s):
        • Foam pad (1.39‚Äù)
        • Faux woolette sheepskin
        • Resilient foam padding
        • Elastic lining
  • Latex free: yes
    • Care Instructions:
      • Remove cover from pad
      • Machine wash with like colors
      • Tumble dry on low heat


    • 1.38‚Äù memory foam pad - 30Density
    • Velcro straps - to keep secured down, prevents shifting side to side
      • Size: 2.5cm width x 11cm
    • Elastic band on the rim of opening to keep cover secure
    • Machine washable
    • Foam rebounds
    • Soft faux sheepskin cover
    • Interior foam layer for greater cushioning
    • Easy to attach to most knee walkers
    • Relieves painful pressure, friction and irritation
    • Reduces fatigue in the hip, knee and leg
    • Protects the walker platform base
    • Breathable blend for cool comfort
    • Non-shedding and machine washable


  • How thick is the sheepskin cover?
  • The cover is approximately ¬Ω‚Äù thick.

  • Will this fit on my isokinetics scooter?
  • Yes, the universal design easily and safely secures to most walker platforms.

  • What are the dimensions of the cover?
  • The cover measures 16‚Äù long, 8.5‚Äù wide and 4.5‚Äù deep.

  • Will this leave fuzz or lint on dark clothing?
  • No, the woolette cover is durable and will not shed or stick to your clothing.

  • My shin hurts from using my scooter, will this help?
  • Yes! The sheepskin cover evenly distributes pressure to relieve pain and fatigue in the lower leg, knee and hip.

  • Will this work with my all-terrain scooter?
  • Yes, the cover includes adjustable fastening straps to firmly secure the cover to most knee walker platforms.

  • Is it washable?
  • Yes! The woolette cover is machine washable with like colors. Tumble dry low to refluff.

  • Can I put the cover in the dryer?
  • Yes, the cover can be put in the dryer on low heat.

  • Is the cover latex-free?
  • Yes, the cover is latex free.

  • Is the cover actually sheepskin?
  • No, the cover is faux sheepskin.

  • Does it include a post?
  • No, this is a knee scooter cover that is used with the existing knee walker platform.

  • What brand of knee scooter will the knee scooter cover fit?
  • The cover securely fits on the Vive Mobility knee walker, as well as knee scooters manufactured by Drive Medical, Knee Rover, Rosco Medical and many more.

    UPC: 683405234302 (Beige); 818323022162 (Black)

    Product Number: CSH1006 (Beige); CSH1006BLK (Black)

    Shipping Weight: 4.8 ounces